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This item has been discontinued. Check out our rifiuti litterbox for a similar option.

This beautiful modern litterbox redefines the category. The top compartment lets cats exercise their natural inclination to climb, while a wooden divider gives them privacy. Multiple slatted openings allow for air circulation and let some light into the space in the rib-like design. A large hidden compartment on the lower level stores the litterbox and opens with a drawer for easy cleanup.

*Does not include plastic litterbox bin*

  • Materials: Birch plywood with smooth UV coating
  • Cat Size: Suitable for cats under 15 pounds (all except very large cats)
  • Dimensions: Height: 24" | Width: 17" | Depth: 24". Max litterbox size: 12"w x 24"d x 16"h
  • Assembly: 30 minute assembly. Instructions and materials included
  • Cleaning: Wipe with damp cloth
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April B.
United States United States

Cat box

It is beautiful. But my cat will not go inside of it : (. Have tried everything that your expert suggested to no avail. But the tunnel is to small

Paris M.
United States United States

My kitten (and my living room floors) love this

I hated myself for spending this much on a litterbox but by god was it worth it. It's a bit of a process to assemble (not difficult, just has a lot of tiny steps), but it looks so lovely and elegant in my home. I have a plant and books resting on top of it and it fits right in with the rest of my mid century modern decor! I have a 9 week old kitten who is currently too tiny to reach the entrance hole so I just have the door open for the time being so she can get used to using it. Day one, she waltzed right in, did her business and despite playing around in there for god knows how long, none of the the litter escaped the box! When she gets big enough to reach the top, I'll close up the door and we'll be good to go. Only complaint would be that it doesn't come with an actual litter box... I bought my own (which ended up being too small as this is a rather unique size, but such is life I guess), but for the price, Tuft + Paw really should send all customers a litter box like the one they show in the photo. Think about it Tuft + Paw! It can't be that hard to ship a single plastic box!

Roxanne B.
United States United States


I LOVE this litter box! I actually waited a few weeks before writing this review, since I really wanted to experience life with it beforehand. First, let me just say that it looks great. The design is simple and functional. As an architect, it really caught my eye. As for my ten-year-old cat, it took about a week of acclimatization. Of course, the cat was a bit sceptic of going in. I had to first leave the container next to it for a couple days, then leave the door open with the container going half way through for 2 more days. At the end of the week, I managed to close everything up and he would finally go! Day to day, this has been a game changer for me. My cat has always been messy. He would run out of the litter box, spilling large amounts of litter all over the floor. Living in a tiny apartment, I would have to vacuum after him at least 2 times a week. Since the Camada litter box came, I am happy to say that I live in a clean and dust-free environment! The pathway to the box inside is well designed, and litter does stay in. Finally, although it was quite expensive, I am sold (pun intended)! I would totally recommend it.

Darlene M.
United States United States

Perfect For Messy Kitties

The Camada has been the perfect solution for our home. Our kitty has a habit of kicking large amounts of litter around. High walked litter boxes, inside of furniture litter boxes with a walk-in front, did nothing to keep our floors clean. She still managed to toss litter through the walk-in door. In my search for a better-designed, and aesthetically pleasing litter box, came across Tuft and Paw and saw the Camada. This has completely resolved the litter tracking. I now keep the litter box on carpet without a litter mat underneath. This did not receive 5 stars due to the fact that mine came slightly damaged, as it was not packed well, and this had an impact on the product due to the quality of the materials (MDF; with some pieces unsealed). Additionally, the wood glue that came with it was unusable (dried out) and I was required to purchase my own. However, functionally and aesthetically speaking - this hits all the marks.

A Tuft + Paw Customer
Andrew B.
United States

Well worth the quality

We were expecting great, we got even better. After the sticker-shock wears off, you'll be happy to know you're truly paying for quality here. The wood is sturdy, construction ins't (too) difficult (just make sure you read everything and don't try to skip any steps). But the end result? A beautiful litter box hider that really REALLY helps eliminate 98% of cat litter on your floors. Our cat is notorious for kicking litter around and dragging it out of her box. Numerous litter boxes/litter mats later, and this is the first time we're truly happy. We don't even need to leave a litter mat around this anymore! It's a beautiful addition to our living room. People are always curious what it is, and when they find out it hides our litter box, they're always surprised. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. Can't recommend it enough.

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