Really Great Cat Litter

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Flushable, odor eliminating, quick clumping and low-tracking for a clean home.

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A low tracking, clumping, dust-free litter that disintegrates completely in water so that you can flush safely down the toilet. Thoughtfully made from non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. Delivered to your door, free shipping included. 

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Litter Comparison

Features Really Great Cat Litter Clay Crystal Plant-Based
Ultra Low Tracking Yes No No No
Low Dust Yes No No No
Flushable Yes No No No
Absorbs Odor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lightweight Yes No Yes No
No Heavy Clumps Yes No Yes Yes

Life is better with cats, but scooping litter left us wondering how we could do better

Totally mess-free

Flushable, odor eliminating, quick clumping and low-tracking for a squeaky clean home.

Thoughtful, non-toxic ingredients

Made from soybean byproduct (tofu) that would have otherwise gone to the landfill – safer for your cat, better for the planet.

Effortless and so, so simple

Gone are days of lugging litter all the way home. We get you what you need, when you need it. Includes free shipping.

Keeps your space sparkling.

Low tracking and 99% dust-free means the days of dusty paw prints and loose litter crumbs are a thing of the past.

100% flushable. Like, dissolves in water flushable.

A game changer to your daily cleaning routine. Our litter completely breaks down in water for a seriously satisfying flush.

Mindful ingredients, thoughtfully made from soybean byproduct.

Our formula features 5 understandable, compostable, clean ingredients that just get the job done.

Picky kitty? No problem

If you and your cat don’t love your new litter, we offer a stress-free money-back guarantee on your first litter order (maximum 3 bags)

Really Great Cat Litter Reviews

We publish all reviews, good and bad, so that you feel confident in what you and your cat are getting. Our team is here to help and we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3610 reviews
Love this litter!!

So my cats prefer other kinds of litter, and the transition to this litter was a process, but honestly it was so worth it. Literally zero tracking and it clumps perfectly. No residue left on the bottom of my plastic litter boxes. One downside is that it takes longer to scoop bc the litter pieces are bigger and you have to shake them all out, which is annoying, but the big scoop that came with my order helps with that a bit. Without it I would get back pain lol. Odor control is not perfect but above average as well - obviously real stinky poops from our one cat who DOESN'T COVER still get through, but if your cats cover properly you should be just fine.

Little mess

I have 2 cats and with their litter I was constantly sweeping and vacuuming to pick up all that mess. This litter gives me a huge break!! I only need to sweep once or less each day. Love that! My only concern is that it does not deodorize. Please add odor killing agents. I will add a little carpet fresh or light candles.


It doesn't make me cough from the dust, but its very expensive and doesn't last very long before it starts smelling

Vivian L. Mendoza
Absolutelyt the best cat litter!

I've tried several cat litters, and while I was happy enough with the crystals, T+P absolutelyt tops them all. The odor control is unparalleled, and I love also that it like 99.99999% dust-free.

Smells bad & still tracks despite claims otherwise

Unfortunately the claims about this litter not tracking simply aren’t accurate. I’m find in g pieces of the litter all around the house, even on a different floor than where the litter box is. Additionally, the litter smells way worse than the previous litter I used despite cleaning it more frequently, keeping it in an open space, and even setting up an air purifier right next to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason we ask for subscription is because it makes it much easier for us to forecast demand, which allows us to guarantee no stockouts for subscribers. But you can easily pause immediately after placing an order

You can easily manage your subscription at any time. Within your order confirmation email, you’ll click on View your order > Manage your subscription. From there, you’ll be able to easily make updates to your subscription. If anything else comes up, our team is always here to help at

Generally, one bag will last for one month with one cat. Keep in mind other factors may influence your usage such as the size of your litter box, how deep you fill it, and how often your cat(s) use it.

In true tuft + paw fashion, we put your cat first. Our formula is simple with five safe ingredients: Soybean Fiber, Corn Starch, Corn Flour, Guar Gum, Charcoal.

A small amount of liquid will cause it to harden slightly, but submerged in water it completely breaks down

We have lots of septic customers, it works fine so long as you flush in small amounts at a time, it completely breaks down in water.

It disintegrates completely in water so it's fine unlike other "flushable" products that are just marketed like that.

Toxoplasmosis is incredibly rare for indoor cats as it's obtained by eating infected rodents or birds: But still a good idea for folks to check with their local municipalities to confirm restrictions.

Unfortunately the pellets don't work with most auto litter boxes
Our best seller Cove is a simple, all-in-one litter box that pairs well with Really Great Litter.

When unopened, Really Great Litter lasts 24 months from its production date, as indicated on the bag. Once opened, the bag should be used as soon as possible to benefit from peak performance. Store sealed in a dry, cool, and ventilated space.

Trust us, it’s really great

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Really Great Cat Litter

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