tuft + paw provides comfort and delight to cats and humans, through modern design and exceptional service.

We know that life is better with cats.

It’s our goal to make life even better for all cats and the people who care for them.

Whether your cat is scratching, climbing, playing, or napping, tuft + paw creates modern, thoughtfully designed cat furniture that meets your cat’s needs, and enriches the spaces you share.

Our story goes like this…

I’m Jackson, the founder of tuft + paw.
In 2016, I adopted a cat from a local rescue organization, and our connection was instant.

When shopping for cat furniture, I quickly realized how limited the options were. Every company seemed focused on making the lowest cost product possible, which meant minimal design and using the cheapest materials available. It seemed so strange to me that cat products were held to such a low standard, despite the love we have for our cats.

I started tuft + paw because I knew we could do better. tuft + paw is a cat-first brand, and we’re raising the standards of cat products by focusing on behavioral research, modern design, and quality. We respect cats and we feel honored that our customers trust us to care for their beloved companions.