Cat Cafe Melbourne: Australia's First Cat Cafe

Announcement to Cat Lovers:

We launched a simple, beautiful litterbox.

Anita and Myles Loughran gained experience in retail and hospitality in a broad range of workplaces. Both were raised around animals and felt strong connections to the feline members of their families. Having grown up with rescue cats, the couple decided that opening a cat cafe would be a great opportunity to help raise awareness of the benefits of adopting rescue animals rather then purchasing through breeders. Anita and Myles started the Cat Cafe Melbourne.

Anita first came across a cat cafe in Japan in 2013. When she returned home, her partner Miles mentioned that his idea of a dream job would be to work at a cat cafe. Of course, Anita couldn't get the idea of opening their own cat cafe out of her head. The couple began to look into the possibility of opening a cat cafe in  Melbourne and it went from there.


About the cafe:

Cat Cafe Melbourne was Australia's first cat cafe. It offers a unique experience for guests to relax and have coffee and snacks in a cat-filled space. All resident cats were adopted from shelters, and the cafe loves promoting adoption through rescue shelters.

Cats are great at lowering stress levels, depression and anxiety, as well as making people happy and calm. The Cat Cafe Melbourne is spread over two floors, with cats occupying all areas. There is a lounge area downstairs and the cafe area is upstairs, where coffee and cat-themed snacks can be purchased. Guests are also encouraged to visit the cat-themed shop full of unique items for people and cats.

How to visit:

Sessions at Cat Cafe Melbourne are limited to groups of 15 people so that the cats aren't overwhelmed. Booking ahead on the cafe's website is recommended since spaces are limited. However, walk-ins are allowed when space is available. The price for sessions is $12 per person. Drinks and snacks can be purchased while you are inside with the cats. The cafe is open 7 days a week from 10am - 6pm, but closed for an hour each day between 1pm - 2pm for the cats' lunch break.

How you can help:

People can support the business by following Cat Cafe Melbourne on social media (FacebookInstagramand by spreading awareness through word of mouth.

Other then continuing to find new ways to spoil the cats, Anita and Miles imagine their cafe will continue to operate in the same manner over the next few years. As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

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