A Cat Lovers Gift Guide: 2018 edition

Few things in life inspire more joy in a cat lover than a cat-themed gift that they'll actually use. We get it - not everyone is ready to splurge on designer cat furniture. That's why we've put together this list of unique and affordable gift ideas.

We love these items because they combine kitten-like cuteness with the practicality and good sense characteristic of an old tomcat. They're useful everyday items that only get more appealing when emblazoned with cat features.

For the Everyday Cat Lover:

  1. Cat Coasters

This might be the perfect practical cat-related gift, and works well as a housewarming present. Bright simple colours like these go with just about anyone’s home style. These are great to have lazing around when hosting a party.


  1. Cat Planter

 Another gift that’s both useful and rather adorable. This tiny felt cat-faced plant holder is handmade in Italy. A wool cozy dresses up a collection of succulents in warmth and style.


  1. Cat Candle

The world can be a dreary place sometimes. Cat candles make coming home from work a little cozier. This inventive design reveals a cute kitten’s inner demons with a silver skeleton as it melts.


  1. “Cat Dad” T Shirt

For the best cat father you know! There seem to be a growing number of self proclaimed “cat dads”, and we think that’s wonderful. Show your support for the men who love cats with a cool screen-printed cat t-shirt.


  1. Cat String Lights

These string lights are everything a cat lover could want on a cold winter night. They’re also just a cute accent to dress up a room any time of the year.


  1. Cat-Shaped Tea Bags

A great find for tea lovers, these cute tea bags are cut out in the shape of cats.


  1. Cat Headphones

This set of gleaming metal ears decorates your head like a cat-eared headband.


  1. Purring Cat Tea Towel

To the naked eye, this is just a stylish black and white pattern. In fact, the screen-printed black lines are taken from an electronic readout of a cat’s purr. The best sound in the world can be with you while you cook with this unique design.


  1. Cat-Themed Soap

A great choice for eco-conscious friends, these cat-themed vegan soap bars are made of natural ingredients like organic coconut oil and organic fair trade shea and cocoa butter.



11. Wonder Womeow Cat T-Shirt

Arguably one of the bigger superhero movies in the last few years, jump on this trend with your very own Made in USA wondermeow t-shirt. For the cat-loving superhero in your life.


For The Big Spender:

1. Save Your Place

This company produces hand-carved bookmarks out of pure silver, engraved with an image of your choice, such as your gift-recipient's cat.


2. Pet Portrait

Lord Truffles, an Etsy artist who paints detailed pet portraits will paint a cat as an explorer, a king, queen, a court jester, or any other form of royalty.


For The Tech Savvy:

1. Keep An Eye on Your Pet

Petcube’s remote wireless pet monitoring system not only keeps an eye on your cat's behaviours but also dispenses treats on command. You'll finally be able to tell if your cat is the one responsible for your houseplant dying (it's a yes).


For the Wine Lover:

1. Hug That Bottle

These quirky bottle holders will keep your bottles tidy. Imagine if cats liked wine.


2. Plug It!

Keep your drink fresh and delicious with this silicone bottle stopper.


For The Office:

1. Doodle Stress Relief

This cat sketch pat will help to unleash some pent up creativity, releasing a dose of oxytocin comparable to that produced when petting a cat.


For Kids:

1. Kid-Friendly Stickits

This gift is perfect for older kids. These sticky notes are great for keeping place in books, writing notes to friends, and helping for studying.


2. Cat Crazy Old Maid

This spin on a beloved game is perfect for kids with a sense of humour and a great love of cats.


For Travelers:

1. Rain Rain Go Away

This compact umbrella fits neatly into a backpack or purse.


2. Coffee To Go

This laser-etched bamboo coffee mug is the perfect way to get coffee on the go.


3. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important. Staying hydrated while looking stylish is even better.


For Homeowners:

1. Snuggle Time

Let the bedroom reflect cat love with these cat-eared pillowcases.


2. Lay Out The Welcome Mat

Let people know exactly how you feel about cats with this welcome mat.


3. Baker Bliss

Kitchen enthusiasts will adore this rolling pin that stamps cat shapes into the dough. Whether for making pies, cookies, or rolling icing sheets for a cake – this will be sure to impress.


4. Shower Time

A cat-themed shower curtain will put a smile on anyone’s face and adds a pop of colour to the bathroom.


5. Seal It

A perfect housewarming gift that's not too overwhelming. They’ll keep your snacks and dry foodstuffs fresh and crunchy (or perfect for holding cat treats). 


6. A Cupful of Goodness

What could be more perfect for a baking enthusiast than cat-themed measuring cups? They’re made from porcelain and feature a sturdy design.


7. Beautiful cat cave from Tuft + Paw

One of our most popular items, the cat cave is the perfect spot for your cat to spy and relax.

beautiful cat furniture


For A Special Lady

1. You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me

A cat-faced T-shirt pairs well with almost any look and is sure to put a smile on her face.
If you’re looking for a gift to get you out of the dog house (the worst place for a cat lover to be), this velvet sling bag is sure to put you back in good standing


4. Hangin’ Cute

These silver-plated earrings make a sweet gift.


For the Quirky Friend

1. Butt Out

Get a conversation started by pinning up your reminders with these cheeky cat butt magnets.


2. Because… Ziggy Stardust

As a gift for those friends who love dressing up almost as much as they love cats, consider a lapel pin.


3. Socialite? Me?

This saucy iPhone cover will show the world exactly how you feel with its double zap signs. Who said you have to always play nice?

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