Best Cat Beds of 2022 (so far)

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If you’re a cat owner, you probably know cats like to sleep… a lot. Finding the best cat beds usually means combing through reviews, determining what features are the most important to both you and your kitty and deciding on the best design for your space. 

Here at tuft + paw, we are cat experts. We're intimately familiar with features that are most important to cats, like sturdiness and materials. We searched through dozens of cat beds and found ten different cat beds that are great for a variety of homes, cats and styles. We also spoke to actual cat and cat furniture experts to do some of the work for you. 

We divided our top picks into five key categories:

  1. Best overall cat bed
  2. Best budget cat bed
  3. Best modern cat bed
  4. Best cat bed on Amazon
  5. Most unique cat bed

Be sure to continue reading after we list our winners. We interviewed cat veterinarians, cat behaviorists, and product designers on what features are most important to look for when purchasing a cat bed at the end of the article.

Without further ado, let’s get started on our top picks!

Best Overall Cat Bed

Anello Cat Bed - $249

What can we say? This cat bed is luxurious. Settled inside the curvature of a wooden ring, there’s a faux fur pillow inviting your cat down for a nap. If your cat usually favors boxes, upgrade their security spot with this lovely wooden ring. It’ll give them the comfort they love, and you the modern style that fits your home. 

In fact, Tuft + Paw keeps your home in mind when picking products. Steve Suchy, Tuft + Paw’s engineer and designer had this to say, “We really want to provide products that work well and add to the beauty of a home.  We've heard that people want products that make their cat's happy and don't have to be hidden when guests come over.”

Proudly display your cat bed with this purchase. 

Pros Cons

It’s Comfy: Faux fur makes this cat bed extremely inviting for your companion. 

Price: On the pricier side, but it’s all about the quality.

Aesthetics: This cat bed adds style to your home while giving comfort to your cat. Simplicity: Sure it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles as other beds, but it also is way more stylish for it. 
Faux-fur: Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this bed

Runner Up


Whisker Box - $29

Whisker Box is all about the squeeze. It creates comforting compression by using a flexible eco-felt core. That means when your cat squeezes in, they feel hugged and comforted by the secure space.

Pros Cons

Based on Science: This innovative cat bed is made by vets and uses compression therapy to make the cat feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

Not the Most Stylish: It’s nylon exterior isn’t the most stylish thing we’ve seen. 

Affordable: This cat bed isn’t going to break the bank.

Not Plush: If your cat favors soft cushions, this may not be the bed for them. 

Honorable mention: Nido Cat Bed - $229

If you haven’t noticed, chunky knits are in. This cat bed features an oversized yarn that creates a stylish knitted look. With flexible walls, your cat can curl and stretch to their heart’s content and still be comfortable.

Best Budget Cat Bed

AutoWT Pet Calming Bed - $34

Cozy as can be, this super plush cat bed is great for sinking into a good night’s sleep. Even better, it’s easy to wash! Your cat’s bed will be fresh as can be as often as you want. You can also choose the size and color you desire, so it’s easy to personalize for your cat. 

Pros Cons

Good Reviews: With almost 5 stars, cats and dogs seem to really enjoy this bed. 

Cheap: Cheaper products tend to not last as long. 

On Budget: At under $40, this bed won’t break the bank. 

Calming: The plush cushion and furry exterior is supposed to be calming for cats. 

Runner Up

Gatto Basket - $129

Cat’s love baskets as much as they love boxes- this basket is no exception. It’s great for sleeping in and also blends into whatever room you place it in since it’s so stylish and sleek. Made of 100% wool, you can also feel great about the natural fiber in your home.

Pros Cons

Easy Choice: Comfortable, elegant design, and easy to move.

Hand-Wash Only: You definitely don’t want to throw this into the washing machine. Be gentle. 

Great Price: 100% felted wool can be an expensive product- this bed is well priced! 

Allergies: Some humans have a wool sensitivity, so be sure you don’t before purchasing this for your cat!

Best Modern Cat Bed

PadPod- $770

This cat bed is as modern as it gets. It’s basically your cat’s personal, colorful, chair! With sleek lines and a high-gloss exterior, this cat bed adds style to your home and matches many contemporary interiors. As for your furry friend, the wool fabric and duck feather or memory foam cushion provides support and comfort. 

Pros Cons

Modern: Beautiful, futuristic, and modern. 

Expensive:  We’re not going to lie, this cat bed is luxurious with a luxury price. 

Comfortable: Memory foam for ultimate comfort 

Duck Feathers: Duck feathers aren’t as animal friendly as we would like, but you can choose memory foam instead.

Conversation Starter: This isn’t just a cat bed, it’s decor, and your guests will notice it too. 


Runner Up


Covo - $699

With the gentle curve of wood, the Covo modern cat bed looks beautiful and luxurious. The innermost corner of this cat bed allows for more private cat naps, while the outer corner allows your cat to look out at the world. The faux fur cushion is soft and stylish, but also machine washable for practicality.

Pros Cons

Style: Gorgeous for you, comfortable for them. 

Size: This bed will take up a bit of floor space, so if you’re limited on square footage, it might not be the best cat bed for you.

Accessible: As your cat ages, jumping up and down isn’t as comfortable- this bed is low to the ground and easy to settle into. 


Best Cat Bed from Amazon

Pet Craft Supply Co Bed - $32

This round memory foam bed is great for cats that love the comfort of cushions. It’s machine washable, so it’s easy to keep clean as well. With high walls and a sunken center, cats will feel safe and secure in this cat bed.


Pros Cons

Comfortable: Memory foam adds extra comfort.

Looks: It’s fairly cat bed 101, so it’s not going to win any design awards.

Machine-Washable: So it’s always fresh for your furry companion.

Basic: There’s no frills or features to get too excited about.
Affordable: It’s well made for a cheap price.

Runner Up

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Mod Dream Pod - $76

The Thermo-Mod Dream Pod looks a bit like a flying saucer, so you’ll either love it or hate it. Personally, we think it’s pretty cool! This is a heated cat bed, so if you live somewhere warm, cats will have a warm spot to snuggle into on those cold nights.

Pros Cons

Heated Bed: Great for cold weather areas or cats that appreciate just a little warmth. 

Warmth: Most people think it’s warm enough but some people feel the heater doesn’t get hot enough.

Cave Formation: Cats love a little hidey-hole to snuggle into. Outlet Needed: This cat bed needs to be plugged in for the heater to work, which limits where you can put it.

Most Unique Cat Bed 

Sphere Cat Bed - $339

Is it artwork or is it a cat bed, who can decide? This cat bed is spherical in shape, making it one of the most unique cat beds on the list. Intricately woven fibers make a beautiful spherical shape that’s supported by a wooden stand. Inside is a soft pillow, perfect for an afternoon cat nap. 


Pros Cons

Comfort: The pillow is described “cloud like” for a reason- it’s super comfortable. 

Price: This product is made with very high-quality metal, wood, and cotton, so this quality comes at a price.

Cat Cave Design: Cat caves help your cat feel secure and private while resting.
Beautiful: This cat bed features a beautifully unique design, and one that you can’t find anywhere else.


Runner Up

UFO Planet Cat Bed - $299

This out of the world design is just as much a cat bed as it is a decor piece. Perched off the ground is a transparent sphere, waiting for your cat to board. The curves of the sphere support your cat’s body and a pillow may be added for additional comfort.


Pros Cons
Design: A totally unique design that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Price: A trip to the stars is definitely expensive, but it’s up to you to decide!

Well-Crafted: The wooden legs and transparent sphere are both sturdy materials.
Removable Top: It appears that the top of the bed is removable, so you can adjust it as needed for your cat.


Why Cats Need Cat Beds

Cats need a bed for a variety of reasons- comfort, privacy, rest and more. Consider beds one of the basic needs of a cat; after all they sleep almost sixteen hours a day! Beds help relax your cat and prevent stress in multi-cat households. Veterinarian Megan Tieber talked to us about what can happen when your cat gets stressed: “


“If a cat feels stressed they are more likely to display problem behaviors, such as urinating out of the litterbox or fighting with other cats. Chronic medical conditions including bladder disease or upper respiratory infections can also flare-up. Providing a cat with his or her own resources, including a bed and house, is the single most important thing you can do to reduce friction between household cats.”


Convinced yet? Let’s spotlight a couple more reasons to purchase that cat bed. 


Cats may not care for your personal space, but they certainly care about theirs. This becomes very important in multi-cat households where cats are trying to create a hierarchical structure to their territory. Supplying each cat with their own bed allows them to have their own space to rest and relax without having to worry about another cat, or a human, making them move. 


Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day, so a nice spot to sleep in is great for them. As a bonus, it keeps their hair out of the linen closet or your fresh laundry! Since sleep is so vital for cats, it’s good to have their own secluded spot just for that purpose. 

Cat Bed Features

We asked our resident veterinarian, Megan Tieber, why cats need their own bed and she gave us some great insight: “Cat beds and houses are great because they are another way to give a cat a safe haven when they are experiencing stress from their surroundings.”

There are all kinds of cat beds out there and it can be difficult to know what features are available. That’s why we picked a few that we think are important to consider when purchasing a cat bed. Remember, you know your cat best! If you observe where they like to sleep the most, you can probably figure out what features will be the most important for your cat. 

Soft Surface

Cats that love human beds, couches, towels and more will probably appreciate having a soft surface to lay on. Memory foam is a great option since it supports the pretzel positions cats get into, but other foam surfaces are comfortable too. 

Heated Padding

If your cat snuggles up for body heat in the winter, you may want to invest in a heated bed. Cats that are in colder climates will appreciate having a heating pad under them and you can enjoy having your bed back again. 


Do you own a shy cat? Perhaps a cat that likes to keep to themselves most of the day? Consider getting an enclosed cat bed, like a cat cave, for them to sleep in. The enclosed space helps cats feel secure and gives them their privacy to sleep and relax. 


This is an important feature for humans! Cats are notorious shedders, and it’s great when you can throw their favorite sleeping spot into the washer and be done. The easier the surface is to wash, the happier both you and your cat will be.

FAQ Section

How do I clean my cat bed? 

It’s important to check the label for care instructions before doing any cleaning. Some cat beds are washable, but need to be air dried. Other cat beds can handle spot treatments or damp cloths. Baking soda is a great, pet safe way to help freshen up most beds.  

How do I convince my cat to use a cat bed? 

Chances are your cat won’t want to spend all their sleeping time in their bed right away, and may have their favorite spots next to you. The best way to coach a cat to use their bed is to be sure to put it near their favorite sleeping area. If your cat loves to sleep near you, don’t put the bed in a room they never go in. 


Be sure to reward your cats with treats while they’re in their bed, or use catnip to make the bed more pleasurable and exciting. These steps may convince your cat to spend a little more time in their new bed. 

Are heated cat beds safe? 

Most heated cat beds are fairly low wattage, so they aren’t a risk for getting too hot or causing burns- they are just warm to the touch. If you’re worried about your heated cat bed, be sure to unplug it when it’s not in use or when you’re leaving the house for peace of mind. 

How do I choose a cat bed my cat will like? 

Be sure to spend some time watching your cat’s habits. By observing cat behavior, you’ll be able to tell where your cat likes to sleep the most and what surfaces they are most drawn to. That’ll help you choose the right cat bed for your furry friend. 


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