Cat Beds

Play hard, nap harder. If you spent this much time sleeping, you’d be particular about your bed too.

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  • Kip

    From $99
    Kip Cushion Cat Bed - Tuft and Paw

    Available in two sizes, Kip can be used alone or paired together as a duo.

  • Cloud Nine

    From $79
    Cloud Nine Cat Bed - Tuft and Paw

    An elevated window hammock that provides your cat with maximum comfort, designed to feel like their ultimate retreat.

  • Stellar

    Original price Current price $299
    Stellar Cat Bed

    An award-winning bed for otherworldly naps. Space travel not included.

  • Nuzzle

    Original price Current price $169
    Nuzzle Cat Bed

    The perfect place to curl up, complete with a soft perimeter to rest their chin.

  • Happy Camper

    Original price Current price $249
    Happy Camper Cat Teepee - Tuft and Paw

    This reversible retreat does it all, with a swappable wood or felt exterior.

  • Floof Blanket

    Original price Current price $59
    Floof Blanket Cat Blanket - Tuft and Paw

    So cozy you'll be asking your cat to move over and make room for you.

  • Porto

    Original price Current price $99
     Porto Cat Carrier

    Home-like comfort for cats on the move. Designed to travel with ease.

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What makes a good cat bed

Listen, we know that most cats would be content with a good box. That’s why we go out of our way to make the perfect nest for their next cat nap - so you can finally take out your recycling. Cats often opt for beds that makes them feel safe and secure, so we focus on round, soft, concave surfaces.
Cat Beds - Tuft and Paw

Made for Cats

Every product has been informed by cat behaviorist to enrich a cat’s well-being.

Modern Aesthetic

The everyday lives of cats and people are the inspiration behind everything we create.

Designed to Last

We use durable materials that stand up to daily wear and tear for long-lasting enjoyment.

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