Cat People: Sara Samieian, Co-Founder of Sundays

Cat people are our people. In this series, we'll be sharing stories from our amazing community of humans with cats. We want to celebrate the joys, quirks, and every day moments that make us so grateful to have these furry family members in our lives.

This month, meet Sara Samieian. Sara is the co-founder of Sundays, a Vancouver-based brand that houses a thoughtfully curated selection of modern, timeless (human) furniture for your home. Taking heavy inspiration from West Coast Modern design, we knew a few of our tuft + paw pieces would feel right at home in her space.

But being a small business owner is only part of Sara's identity. She's also cat mom to Howard, a white British Shorthair. Read on to hear more about Sara + Howard's relationship, and how they first came together in the time of COVID-19.



Floof Blanket, $59


Describe the day you got Howard:

We were very lucky as we knew a person who was moving and had a beautiful kitten. It was the first month of Covid. When we met him, we knew he was the right cat for us and so beautiful.


Have you always been a cat person?

Not at all... I had a dog for 12 years. Getting a new puppy is a lot of work so we opted for a cat. Our son really liked cats too, so it worked out well.


Any inspiration behind Howard's name?

My son named him Howard. A friend has two cats and one them is named Howard and my son was always drawn to the name.

Cove Litter Box

Cove Litter Box, from $149


Describe your cat in 3 words:

Smart, outgoing, beautiful.


Describe Howard’s perfect day:

Going outside on our patio and enjoying the outdoors.


What’s the weirdest quirk about your cat?

He’s like a dog. So outgoing and social and comes to the door when we get home. My mom has a new puppy and Howard plays great with her.

Zip Scratching Post, $249


What is your cat doing right now, as you answer this?

Snuggling on my bed.


What’s your favourite every day moment with Howard?

Seeing my son snuggling on the sofa with him.


Out of the following, what’s Howard's fave pastime: Sleep, Climb, Scratch, Eat, Play



Peekaboo Cat Bed

Peekaboo Cat Bed, $249


To stay in touch with Sarah and for some dreamy (human) home decor inspo, follow @sundaysfurniture on Instagram.

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