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Make playtime fun for all with durable toys that you don't mind seeing around your home. Ready, set, play.

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  • Fish Bone

    Current price $39 Original price
    Fish Bone (push live on shiphero launch) Cat Toy - Tuft and Paw

    Our best selling cat toy, paws down.

  • Bamdoll

    Current price $39 Original price
    Bamdoll (push live on ShipHero launch) Cat Toy - Tuft and Paw

    A minimal, modern snake silhouette crafted with natural cotton and linen.

  • Tama Ball

    Current price $9 Original price
    Tama Ball Cat Toy - Tuft and Paw

    Using tightly wrapped rope, this toy is durable enough for rough playtime.

  • Salmon Cut

    Current price $19 Original price
    Salmon Cut Cat Toy - Tuft and Paw

    Got fish on your grocery list? Keep your cat content with this playful replica.

Why we make cat toys

Contrary to popular belief, cats aren't meant to lay around and sleep all day. In the wild, cats spend a ton of time chasing, pouncing and wrestling with their prey. In the home, they express those natural instincts through play.
Cat Toys - Tuft and Paw

Made for Cats

Every product has been informed by cat behaviorist to enrich a cat’s well-being.

Modern Aesthetic

The everyday lives of cats and people are the inspiration behind everything we create.

Designed to Last

We use durable materials that stand up to daily wear and tear for long-lasting enjoyment.

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