About tuft + paw:

We're an early stage, fast growth company that values freedom + flexibility. We’re big on trust + autonomy: we don't care where or when you work so long as you’re ripping through your to-do list— everyone enjoys flexible schedules, including optional 4-day work-weeks and meaningful equity. 

We’ve laid a very strong foundation for a seasoned growth marketer to succeed: 

  • We’ve been growing organically 250% YoY for the last 3 years and we’re backed by some well known investors (Alexis Ohanian founder of Reddit, Guy Raz founder of ‘how I built this’ podcast, Andrew Wilkinson founder of Tiny Capital and Metalab). 
  • We have an in-house product team who develop unique, proprietary, high-margin products for cats that aren’t available anywhere else
  • We have invested heavily in brand & brand marketing, we have high AOVs, word of mouth, repeat order rates, and a steady inbound stream of content
  • Our team has a ton of DTC experience (Article, Inkbox, Arc’teryx, Mejuri, Bumble, Dosist)

Until now, we’ve focused primarily on building the foundation for long term success (product + brand). Now we’re looking for the right person to push harder on growth. 


About you:

We’re looking for a Director of Growth to lead revenue growth and user acquisition. You will be responsible for defining the company’s growth plan, validating and executing growth programs, and optimizing growth channels. 

  • Identify a growth trajectory for the company, determining which layers of the funnel should growth initiatives be focused and setting KPIs to track progress against goals.
  • Leverage data from various channels to paint a picture of customer behaviour and habits, to influence company-wide direction and growth-specific initiatives. Utilize the data to answer some of the “whys” that can act as growth blockers.
  • Determine and execute strategy for paid social (primarily Facebook, Google) in partnership with external media buyers. Always looking for new ways to increase spend while maintaining a reasonable MER.
  • Design and implement tests to validate new paid growth channels, including but not limited to TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Brick and Mortar, Ambassadors etc.
  • Tie all programming back to reaching revenue targets.
  • Partner with Brand Marketing Director to: 
    • Identify and execute unpaid opportunities for growth online and offline, including QR codes, brick and mortar, marketplaces, loyalty programs, referral programs, word of mouth, etc.
    • Determine opportunities to optimize existing channels (Email, SMS, Affiliate) 

The Perfect Candidate

  • A scrappy, technical, growth-minded hacker mindset (“how can we validate this experiment?”) with senior-level experience, especially in paid performance marketing managing 7-figure monthly spend on paid social
  • Fascinated by the customer journey, looking at various touch-points to determine small tweaks that will make a big impact
  • Insatiable desire for growth: always looking towards the next milestone and new ways to move the needle
  • Lives for process: has no issue creating + managing infrastructures that enable analysis of user behavior, scientific experimentation, and targeted promotions
  • Is very comfortable dealing with numbers, data analysis and conversant with the best tools for retrieving, manipulating, and visualizing data
  • Proactively thinks of solutions and raises blockers/challenges before they happen
  • Thinks outside the box and isn't afraid to push back when their big idea is challenged
  • Makes things happen fast, takes pride in finding scrappy solutions to 'figure it out'
  • Is comfortable juggling several projects at once and re-prioritizing based on business needs – this is a fast-paced, startup environment
  • Strikes the perfect balance of immediate-term and long-term thinking to reach company objectives 

Our Company Culture

Our MO: 

  • Bottom up: we ask our team what they need to succeed, then try our best to make it happen
  • Run small, scrappy tests to find early results before we invest big in new products, campaigns and strategies
  • Operate under the 80/20 rule; keeping things efficient + moving quickly
  • Strike the perfect balance between immediate + long term programming

How we work together:

  • We’re big on trust + autonomy: we don't care where or when you work so long as you’re ripping through your to-do list— everyone enjoys flexible schedules, including optional 4-day work-weeks
  • We're always looking to improve how we work and thrive on feedback, regardless of seniority. We see failures as learning opportunities and are encouraged to take risks.
  • We're a small but mighty team of 9 that is supported by a cluster of mini agencies/freelancers who are super looped in (integrated in Asana, Slack, etc.)
  • Every single person on our team is encouraged and expected to make a massive impact on company processes, growth and success. We’re self-motivated and independent but honest about our strengths and weaknesses.

To apply please send an email to jackson at tuftandpaw dot com with the subject line “You’d Be Crazy Not to Hire Me” and answer the following questions:

  • What made you apply for this position?
  • What 2-3 words would your friends/family use to describe you?
  • Why do you think you’d be a good fit?
  • Describe any work/career skills you’ve developed that would help you do well.
  • Can you share anything online that helps me get to know you a little better?  (Website, Blog, Twitter, etc)