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Really like it so far

It doesn’t control odor very well. It’s scoopable and can go in the toilet which we love. Easier to clean up than regular litter. Bag won’t last a month. Maybe 2 weeks at most.

This is an amazing product . I wish ii had found it a lot sooner.

I love this litter so much. It breaks down very well and is better for my cats and the environment so I 100% recommend it.

Best cat litter ever

I had been seeing adds for this litter and it looked almost too good to really work - but it really does. It clumps well, doesn’t track, doesn’t smell, and my cat loves it. It’s just so much better than anything else we’ve tried.

Cove Litter Box
Amanda Meeker
Well designed litterbox

I especially like there being a built-in spot to put the litter scoop. It is made of good quality plastic that cleans easily and it’s nice that’s there are recesses underneath to make it easy to lift. Also, most importantly, the cat likes it. I know this because she has three (soon to be two) boxes to choose from and this one is the one she uses over 75% of the time. She’s very picky. I didn’t get the walls for the Cove, not sure she would feel the same about it if I had.

Worth the hype

I’ve been wanting to give my cats real food instead of kibble for the longest time in this product is officially the start of never going back. My cats don’t leave a drop behind.

Love this litter

I have tried many litters out there and I feel this litter is by far the best when it comes to absorbing smells (which was super important to me) and convenience. I love the fact that it is flushable because I get to save on plastic bags. I have 2 cats and they drink a lot of water so they do urinate more often. Only downside is I do have to wait longer in order for the urine to clump because if I try to scoop too soon it is too mushy and it gets everywhere on the scooper and the bottom of the litter box but it isn't a deal breaker for me. The litter has a unique smell of like grass/the outdoors if that makes sense. It personally doesn't bother me. No dust on the litter and it is actually very little tracking, which is beautiful.


All my cats love it, no dusty… super dipwr live it.. high recommended!!!!

Best so far

It says no tracking but somehow my cat still manages to trap well maybe she’s not tracking maybe just some of it being knocked out of the box when she’s trying to cover but anyway it really is dust free and that is a very important feature. And of course I love that it’s flushable.

Cats love it

Best litter I’ve tried

I’m super allergic to the dust in traditional clay litters. So I’ve been using a corn based litter for years but it gets so foul and tracks everywhere. I took a risk on this litter and been using it for a few months. Zero mess, clumps perfectly. I don’t flush it so I can’t speak to that. But it doesn’t bother my allergies at all.

Pricey but nice

It would be nice of the stands came in matching colors to the bowls aside from just white on white. It is nice that they don’t slide.

Really Great Cat Litter
Elizabeth Adams

i, no joke, when i saw this product on tiktok, i was so intrigued and tired of clay litter and wanting to put my cat ahead in the healthy bracket. i’ve had it for a month, and i love it

It’s decent

I like that’s its clumping, no dust, and low tracking, but it smells horrible. The litter itself has a strong bad smell to it. I understand not wanting to use fragrances in the litter, but there has to be some way to make it smell better while still being healthy for cats’ lungs.

Nice looking and perfect size

I actually bought this in the color sand for my 12lb Pomeranian. The size is great and it is a very nice looking carrier. I only wished it had small rivets as feet to prevent the bottom from getting dirty when I have to place the bag on the floor. Otherwise perfect carrier. Love it.

The babies are happy and I have noticed their poo is less stinky. Is that because it’s natural? Unexpected & amazing!

Really Great Cat Litter
Jennifer Hayes
Absolutely the best - perfect solution

I have a small space and only room for one with my two cats. I bought the whole set-up and it works perfectly. Easy to deal with, almost no tracking, and superb performance with smell.

Love it!

Really Great Cat Litter
Diana Buchbinder
Best litter yet

We love this litter. Our 3 cats took to it immediately. It is virtually track free and so easy to scoop. It works well in our automatic litter box.

Really nice and sleek design!

Good texture and consistency, decent aroma, and two out of four of my kitties. Totally enjoy.. Nice packaging and easy open even for my old hands… I will continue to purchase and recommend this product.

Fish Bone
Barbara Linchey
Uniquely The Best Litter

I compared Tuft & Paw with another mail-order brand of litter. (Thank you, Smokey and Alfie for your patience with the trial.) Tuft & Paw is by far the best clumping litter that also leaves no tracking mess on my carpet. I have two main coons who spend extra time either cleaning up after themselves, or playing in the litter box for a couple of minutes before they exit the litter box. I am here to stay with Tuft & Paw indefinitely.

Really Great Cat Litter
Joan Marie Spinelli
Love love love this litter!!

Tuft and paw is a phenomenal cat litter! My cat, Reggie, pees SO much. He’s a bigger boy that drinks a lot of water (2 cups a day - he is a hydrated boy!). This litter is so absorbent and clumps great. It also does a great job absorbing scent. The best thing is how little it gets tracked throughout the house! This litter is perfect if you’re looking for a low dust/low tracking litter. The few pellets that do get tracked are noticeable and easy to clean up. Unfortunately for me I have to order a few bags every few weeks with how much my cat pees so it’s a little pricier than I would prefer, but worth it for the quality of litter. So if you have a larger cat that pees a lot, one bag a month might not be enough just as a heads up. Still completely worth it though! Tuft and paw will solve all your litter problems!


For a while, I was convinced I wanted a backpack carrier. Even bought one. Tried to save money by buying one off Amazon. It was fine, but then I realized I wanted THIS kind of carrier and was pumped to see t&p created this one! It's amazing. Incredibly well made, so sleek, and my little man loves laying in it while hanging out at home. His vet even commented on how great it is. And all this for the price... if you're thinking of getting a carrier like this, get THIS one. Hands down, 10/10.