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Really Great Cat Litter
Sharon Fouillade
The absolute best cat litter!

I am a severe asthmatic. Always have had issues with the dust regulat cat litter gives off, and this has been going on since I was born…literally. I was given a cat at birth. She grew up with me and passed away when I was in my teens. I am 72 and still remember her and her warm cuddles. The litter, however, was a big problem. It still can give me asthma attacks. When I saw this litter I gave it a try. I had tried different litter before with no luck, but this litter re all is a Really great Cat Litter. No more keeping an inhaler with me when I change the litter. It is the Very Best cat litter. I love it and so do my two kitties. ❤️

Porto Carrier

Excellent product. You can tell from the details that this is a high quality carrier. My cat loves chilling inside it at home and in the car, and I've gotten so many compliments because of the design (even from the vet). This is the only carrier my cat has accepted and actually liked - do buy!

Beautiful addition to my home

The Cloud Nine Window Hammock blends in perfectly with my home, unlike most cat furniture. Assembly took 2 minutes — super easy. The hammock supports my 15 and 14 pound cats without issue. Make sure to clean your window before sticking them on. You can briefly dip the suction cups into boiling water as their instructions specify if you’re having any issues getting them to stick.

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Really Great Cat Litter
Marilyn Wynn

Really Great Cat Litter

Will never go back to clay litter

I’ve been looking for an environmentally friendlier litter that clumps and controls smell well, and I feel like I’ve found the hint grail cat litter.

Really Great Cat Litter
kasawan tawon
Great! Litter ever

This is my first time buying this one and it was fabulous my cat never bring the litter out of the box ever again


This cat litter is game changing! I recently made the switch due to tracking issues. I live in a small apartment and even vacuuming every day does not stop the traditional litter from tracking everywhere. Tuft + Paw litter BARELY tracks. The pee clumps great and the **** coverage is OK but the pros most definitely outweigh the Cons. I would recommend!

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Really Great Cat Litter
Maureen Williams
Favorite litter

I love this litter. Doesn't track, doesn't smell. Lasts a long time.

Really Great Cat Litter
Alanis Diaz Gomez
Will always recommend this letter

I was in the process of trying to change my cats litter because I was tired of clay litter. I tried those pine pellets But my cat did not like them at all. So one day I saw an ad on Instagram of the really great cat litter and I thought why not and almost instantly, my cat loved it so then I also bought the litter box and it’s really been a game changer I would recommend!!!

Literally the best cat litter ever

I seriously love this litter. I’ve had cats all my life and got used to the dust, litter stuck to my feet, and smell of traditional clay litters. Even just transitioning to this litter I noticed a day and night difference. There’s no assaulting smell, no dust, and only the occasional pellet tracked away from the cat boxes. I think my cats like it too! I’m also able to forget a day of cleaning the boxes and there’s plenty of pellets to cover my mistake for an extra day of poops. I’m so glad I switched and found a new litter that is more sustainable and better for apartment living. I absolutely recommend this to any cat family especially if the litter box is your worst nightmare. Give it a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Cubby Litter Box
Alina Wenhold
The perfect litter box

Absolutely in love with this litter box. Not just my cats me as well. It was important for me that the litter box looks stylish but most importantly suits my cats needs. Love the design and how easy it is to clean. Impressed that there are no scratches at the bottom.

I love it so much more than Pretty Litter

I've been using pretty litter for years and I hated how bad it was tracked through my house. I'd find crystals in my bed. I finally saw Tuft&Paw on Instagram that advertised NO TRACKING, so of course I had to try it, and it's very true to its word. The only litter that makes it out of the litter box is because my cats are messy and think it's an Olympic sport to jump out of the box.
The only problem I have with this litter is the smell of it. It traps urine smell perfectly, but it does have a... certain smell to it? I'm not sure how to explain it. The litter is made of natural ingredients so I guess it is to be expected. One can only hope, right? But I definitely recommend this litter to my cat-lover friends

Chai approves

Litter-ally-purrfect, Chai loves it, and I love the easy cleanup 🐾. Highly recommend🙌

Really Great Cat Litter
Britt Billok
Best Litter!

I have been using clay litter for over 20 yrs but decided to switch a few months ago and we are never going back! My cat and I love this stuff! No smell, no dust, and very little tracking my. Thank you for inventing this!

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Cove Litter Box
Amy P.
Cat and Human Approved!

Before I could even put litter in it, one of my cats immediately hopped in the litter box! I think he would like one that he could use as a bed. Ha! Right now I have a mix of clumping litter and the Tuft + Paw pellet litter in a cove litter box with shelter. I love the design! It's sleek looking and has walls for me, but is open on top which is apparently better for cats. There is very minimal litter tracking; I think the only reason I have tracking at all is because my cats insist on high jumping or long jumping out of the box like they are at the Cat Olympics. I also have the cubby litter box that I will put out when I foster some more kittens, but I'm sure my resident cats will find the box and use that one, too. Haha. Oh, and scooping the box is a breeze! Way easier and cleaner than a traditional manual litterbox with cover.

Kip Cat Cushion
Zachary Fitzpatrick
Great cat bed

My cat enjoys this bed although it’s not her preferred spot yet. She’s still warming up to it. The bed seems high quality and comfy. Also design is great.

This cat litter is the best ❤️

One of my cats urinates a lot at once, so the clay cat litter we used always ended up getting his paws wet. 
This new cat litter has completely solved that problem. 
And my other cat scratches a lot when he poops.
So, there was clay litter on the tip of his nose. 
That problem was also resolved.
Also, most cat litters claim to be 99% dust-free, but that's mostly a lie.
So I had very low expectations in that point.
However, this cat litter is the least dusty I've ever used👍
I think it would be perfect if the price were a little lower😉

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Really like this litter, still mix some regular litter with it, one of my cat's like to eat it if I spill it or if it's fresh

It is flushable which I think is awesome. Much less of a mess than normal litter. Does cover odor pretty well. Scoops well, but it does take a little more effort when sifting because the pellets don’t slide through as well

Really Great Cat Litter
Luke Opperman
Cat litter review

The litter is great with battling odor, but when the cat urinates within the litter, the litter likes to dissolve and stick to the bottom of the litter box. Other than that minor issue, it’s great.

The ads were true!

I received ads for the Really Great Cat Litter for months before finally caving, and I'm glad I did! It's the lowest tracking litter I've ever used and it traps odors so well. I was concerned about the smell since the litter itself isn't scented, but it hasn't been an issue at all! Love this litter and my cat does too.

This litter is amazing

I love how easily this litter clumps, there is no dust floating around as you scoop, and the litter itself is a little too big to stick to my kitties paws so there is way less that I find tracked throughout my house, I also love that it’s flushable! Definitely a fan of this product. I have a bigger cat so I normally run out of this product half way through the month but I’ve just adjusted my shipping to be more frequent to account for that! Thanks Tuft and paw!

Bye Bye Litter Genie

This litter is so amazing and here is why….it’s nontoxic, my cats allergies/respiratory problems have gone away, no environmental impacts, clumps amazingly, minimal (and I mean minimal) tracking and my favorite part-flushable!!! No more saving my plastic Walmart bags to collect daily waste that would immediately go into the litter genie next to the litter box that collected about a weeks worth supply of waste before maxing out, then lugging the heavy litter genie collection (pee pee in clay litter weighs a ton) down to the main garbage can. No more ordering expensive litter genie replacement cartridges and toxic clay litter that is not cheap, and how they get away with calling it 99% dust free boggles my mind. My kids had no problem transitioning to the new litter, and I went all out with a new stainless steel litter pan (LOVE) and the new litter all at once, no problems, no fuss. I do let the pee clumps sit in the toilet about 5min before flushing as the litter needs a few minutes to dissolve, but the poo I flush immediately. Everyone in this house is very happy, satisfied, and never wants to try another litter again. Sophie and Sawyer approved 😻😻

Great product

I’ve been using this litter for a few months now and I’m quite happy with it. I wish I could get a larger quantity of it per shipment, I find my cats go through it much faster than traditional litter. I haven’t dared to flush it yet, but I like that it’s biodegradable and there’s no dust. It’s not 100% non-tracking, I still find pieces around my apartment, but it’s definitely better than the sandy ones that get everywhere. Overall satisfied and i plan to stick with it moving forward.

Really Great Cat Litter
Helen Boyd-Schwartz
This litter is GREAT!

I had been using another flushable cat litter, and got tired of dealing with the dust and the endless tracking!! This stuff works great! It may seem expensive, but - I am only buying ONE bag a month, previously I was buying other litter several times a month. The is ZERO dust and much less tracking! I'm super happy, and so are my cats!