Sophisticated design & exceptional functionality

Tuft & Paw products are characterized by a clear design language and a unique design style. In product development, the function is always of foremost importance, providing the creative inspiration. All products in the Tuft & Paw collection must be both sensible and stylish. The products are a perfect combination of elegant design and practical function. They are high quality, timeless modern and durable.

The innovative use of materials and a signature pared-back colour palette are also an integral part of the Tuft & Paw aesthetic – resulting in products design that are practical, tactile and beautiful to touch.

High quality & exceptional workmanship

We are uncompromising on the quality of our products – both in the materials we select and the manufacturing processes we use.

Environmental sustainability is an important basic principle for Tuft & Paw. Therefore, we only use materials that meet our high quality standards. Tuft & Paw products are made by hand with great attention to detail.