Ozzy Cat Tree - Tuft + Paw


Marvin Cat Tree - Tuft + Paw


Turrim Scratching Post - Tuft + Paw


Lato Scratching Post - Tuft + Paw


Volto Scratching Post - Tuft + Paw



Why we make scratching posts

Cats scratch their claws against tough surfaces in order to remove dead skin, to stretch and to flex, and to mark their territory. Scratching post let your cat take care of these needs, and - depending on the build you choose - can also allow for climbing, perching, or lounging. No longer will your cat's claws terrorize your other furniture. Our scratching posts come in a variety of designs to fit your living space. They all use high-quality building materials and extra coarse surfaces that cats prefer, made to give a sturdy satisfying scratch.

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