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Goodbye, dust. So long, tracking.

Make your floors sparkle again with the 100% flushable kitty litter that simply doesn’t track.

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Put that vacuum away, clean floors are here to stay

Constant vacuuming and floor sweeping have you singing Cinderelly, Cinderelly? Spend less time cleaning and live better with the cat litter that won't track.

  • No More Tracking

    For floors that sparkle and no more litter crunching under your feet.

  • Virtually No Dust

    Less mess for less stress. Our litter is 99% dust-free for cleaner floors.

  • 100% Flushable

    For safe, convenient litter disposal and no more smelly trash.

Stop the Tracking
with Really Great Cat Litter
What makes it truly non-tracking?

Lightweight, larger litter makes all the difference

Most litter pellets are small and stick to your kitty's paws.

But what makes Really Great Cat Litter so great is that our pellets are lightweight and larger than most kitty litters, making them incredibly low-tracking for a cleaner home.

Upgrade your litter
and get mess-free

The benefits are literally endless

  • Odor-Free

    No smell or odor.

  • 100% Flushable

    Dissolves safely in seconds.

  • Cat Loved

    Even by picky kitties.

  • Saves Time

    Disposing trash bags.

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Cat parents really love Really Great Cat Litter

This stuff is the BEST! No tracking (despite having a top-entry box), no dust, and no smell!

After using clay litter for our two cats, Really Great Cat Litter was a major upgrade! We love that it's lightweight and basically dust free.

This litter is amazing. It is easy to clean. Does not make a mess. Vinny loves it. It has great odor control.

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See what makes this cat litter so great

Experience the ease and convenience of flushable litter

Our litter dissolves in seconds for a safe, satisfying flush.

Just scoop and flush. That’s it. Really Great Cat Litter clumps together easily so you can quickly flush litter down the toilet and do away with the mess, odor, and hassle of trash bags.

Feel good about non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients

Made from soybean byproduct (tofu) that would have otherwise gone to the landfill - safer for your cat, better for the planet.

Really Great Cat Litter Reviews

We publish all reviews, good and bad, so that you feel confident in what you and your cat are getting. Our team is here to help and we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Customer Reviews

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I hate a litter box! I also prefer an outdoor cat due to cat allergies. However, my husband and daughter love their cat and so do I now that I know her.

I have tried all types of cat litter and this is my favorite. Least amount of travel with this litter. I have never flushed litter so I can not comment on that aspect of this litter.

I do not find this litter outside of the immediate area of her box. Additionally there is no dust involved. The packaging is ergonomically easy to use and the product lasts for about one month per bag per 1 cat.

V Crow
so far so good

Love that there’s no smell, no tracked “gravel”. Cats were confused at first. “What is this, morning cereal?” But now they dig away, happy as ever.


It was a good litter, but it did track a little.

Didn't sift, didn't cover stink

My kitty had a tough time covering up poops with the litter and consequently it stunk up the whole basement. I have to give it credit it absorbed all of the pee and lasted a long time on that front but I ended up ditching it anyways since it just didn't work for anything else. I could even use my regular sift that's meant for sandy stuff, I'm going back to arm&hammer.


My kitty liked it, I hated our last litter so im happy she accepted this one

Really Great Cat Litter in the wild











Picky kitty? No problem

If you and your cat don’t love your new litter, we offer a stress-free money-back guarantee on your first litter order (maximum 3 bags)

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason we ask for subscription is because it makes it much easier for us to forecast demand, which allows us to guarantee no stockouts for subscribers. But you can easily pause immediately after placing an order

You can easily manage your subscription at any time. Within your order confirmation email, you’ll click on View your order > Manage your subscription. From there, you’ll be able to easily make updates to your subscription. If anything else comes up, our team is always here to help at [email protected]

Generally, one bag will last for one month with one cat. Keep in mind other factors may influence your usage such as the size of your litter box, how deep you fill it, and how often your cat(s) use it.

Each bag weights 9.5lbs, which lasts 1 cat one 1 month typically because the litter is ultra lightweight.

In true tuft + paw fashion, we put your cat first. Our formula is simple with five safe ingredients: Soybean Fiber, Corn Starch, Corn Flour, Guar Gum, Charcoal.

Really Great Cat Litter is unscented and does not contain any perfumes. The ingredients in the litter have a slight natural aroma - some have described it as uncooked oats, rice or bread.

A small amount of liquid will cause it to harden slightly, but submerged in water it completely breaks down

We have lots of septic customers, it works fine so long as you flush in small amounts at a time, it completely breaks down in water.

It disintegrates completely in water so it's fine unlike other "flushable" products that are just marketed like that.

Toxoplasmosis is incredibly rare for indoor cats as it's obtained by eating infected rodents or birds: https://www.tuftandpaw.com/blogs/cat-guides/toxoplasmosis-in-cats-everything-you-need-to-know But still a good idea for folks to check with their local municipalities to confirm restrictions.

Unfortunately the pellets don't work with most auto litter boxes
Our best seller Cove is a simple, all-in-one litter box that pairs well with Really Great Litter.

When unopened, Really Great Litter lasts 24 months from its production date, as indicated on the bag. Once opened, the bag should be used as soon as possible to benefit from peak performance. Store sealed in a dry, cool, and ventilated space.

Walk on bare feet again

Step into a cleaner home and live better.

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