Litter Boxe Furniture

Cleaning the litter box will never be your favorite chore, but we’re here to help make the best of it.

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  • Cove

    From $149
    [Style:Cove + Shelter]Cove Litter Box - Tuft and Paw

    A thoughtful, all-in-one design that's simple, beautiful, and easy-to-clean.

  • Haven

    Original price Current price $699
    Haven Litter Box Enclosure

    A Scandinavian modern-inspired piece to hide your litter box in plain sight.

  • Cubby

    Original price Current price $69
    [Style:Cubby]Cubby Litter Box - Tuft and Paw

    We've simplified our best-selling Cove Litter Box - without compromising on quality.

  • Litter Box Scoop

    Original price Current price $19
    Litter Box Scoop

    Engineered for ultra-fast sifting. Works well with Really Great Cat Litter.

What makes a good litter box

Cats prefer to do their business with a view, so litter boxes should provide plenty of light and airflow. They should be cleaned daily, for both you and your cat’s comfort. Discretion amongst home decor is a big bonus, too. We design pieces that suit your space, while functioning well for your cat. 
Litter Box Furniture - Tuft and Paw

Made for Cats

Every product has been informed by cat behaviorist to enrich a cat’s well-being.

Modern Aesthetic

The everyday lives of cats and people are the inspiration behind everything we create.

Designed to Last

We use durable materials that stand up to daily wear and tear for long-lasting enjoyment.

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