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  • Kip

    From $99
    [Size:Small]Kip Cushion Cat Bed - Tuft and Paw

    Available in two sizes, Kip can be used alone or paired together as a duo.

  • Puff

    Regular price $169
    Puff Cat Bed - Tuft and Paw

    The cloud emoji in cat bed form. Soft, sculpted foam for the sweetest of dreams.

  • Stellar

    Regular price $299
    [Color:Ivory + Gold]Stellar Cat Bed - Tuft and Paw

    An award-winning bed for otherworldly naps. Space travel not included.

  • Rifiuti

    Regular price $699
    Rifiuti (push live on launch) Litter Box - Tuft and Paw

    Cats love its spacious interior while humans love its mid-century modern look.

  • Catnut

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    Sold out
    Catnut (push live on launch) Cat Toy - Tuft and Paw

    Take a bite out of this colorful and catnip-scented toy.

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  • Milo

    Regular price $999
    Milo (push live on launch Cat Tree - Tuft and Paw

    It's decided: This unique jungle gym-cat tree hybrid is the ultimate playground.

[Size:Small]Kip Cushion Cat Bed - Tuft and Paw

Made for Cats

Every product has been informed by cat behaviorist to enrich a cat’s well-being.

Modern Aesthetic

The everyday lives of cats and people are the inspiration behind everything we create.

Designed to Last

We use durable materials that stand up to daily wear and tear for long-lasting enjoyment.

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