Sprout Cat Tower

Color: Ash + Misty Gray

With a sculptural look and efficient design, the Sprout is airy and open for breezy climbs. But rest assured it will remain firmly grounded, thanks to a stabilizing inner wall. Its narrow profile allows it to be placed close to furniture or walls without crowding, providing multiple perching platforms even within smaller spaces. Cats will enjoy scratching and climbing up two felt-finished surfaces, then resting and surveying from their perch.

    • Central support ensures maximum stability.
    • Slim width allows it to be placed close to furniture or walls to conserve space
    • Striking design complements modern decor
  • Materials: Premium bent plywood with walnut or ash veneer, scratchable surface
  • Cat Size: Suitable for all cats. Modelled by Kyro, who weighs 12 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 23"W x 13"D x 37"H
  • Assembly: Ships assembled
  • Cleaning: Wipe wood with a damp cloth, lint roll, spot clean, or vacuum scratching surface
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Sprout Cat Tower

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