Tiny Lions Center: A Home for Cats with an Amazing Save Rate

The Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV), an award-winning nonprofit that's been around since 1896, is behind the Tiny Lions Lounge and Adoption Center. Charity Navigator has given HSHV their top rating for sound fiscal management and Michigan Pet Fund Alliance has consistently recognized the nonprofit as an  outstanding animal shelter with the best save rate. Find out more on HSHV's website and head over to Tiny Lions Center's website, too.

"Room to roam right meow!" is a cry that can be heard from too from many cats, which is why many find themselves in foster care. Unfortunately, fosters' homes fill quickly, and fosters can't be asked to have regular business hours to accommodate adopters, who would also like more room to cuddle. Tiny Lions Center provides great visiting ability for both cats and people, thereby increasing adoptions.

About the cafe:

Every cat café is unique. Tiny Lions Cat Cafe is one of only four total cat cafes in Michigan, and there might not be more than fifty total cat cafes in the whole country. Tiny Lions Center provides an exceptional experience because unlike ordinary cafes, it has cats! It's also different because it doesn't have an actual cafe in its building, but there is a Biggby coffee shop right next door. People are welcome to bring in any food or drinks they would like. It's also important to note that TLC is run directly through the local humane society instead of just partnering with one, like most cat cafes.

Patrons of the Tiny Lions Center can use free Wi-Fi, enjoy café tables (ideal for laptops), or lounge chairs (ideal for snuggling and reading), shop in the cat lovers' store, meet up with friends, or enjoy alone time with the cats. Although drinks are not currently sold, TLC sells prepackaged snacks.

There are normally 15-20 adoptable cats to seek out and hang out with. For the enjoyment and safety of guests and cats, visitors are asked to follow a few basic rules: be gentle, don't pick the cats up, and speak softly.

How to visit:

TLC is open 6 days a week, with hours Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-7pm and Sundays 10am-5pm. On Mondays, the cafe is closed for cat naps. TLC does not take reservations; drop-in visits only! The non-profit Tiny Lions Center is focused on adoptions and human/animal bonding. The prices are $7/hour or $4/half hour (with a discount if you buy 5 hours at once) to enjoy the company of cats at TLC.

How you can help:

Tiny Lions Center is always taking donations, both monetary and physical. Check out their Amazon Wishlist and help if you can. Volunteers are always welcome, too, if any readers are in the Ann Arbor, Michigan Area!

TLC hopes to continue its success and reach over 2,000 total adoptions. TLC also wants to become even more involved in the community with various events and partnerships with local businesses.

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