The Cats Tea Room

The Cats Tea Room is a cafe that was started by an ambitious young man when he was just 25 years old. He visited cat cafes in Korea and Japan before realizing that there weren't any similar cafes in Hong Kong. Wanting to help find homes for stray cats, he started The Cats Tea Room.

About the cafe:

The Cats Tea Room is a unique cafe with unique cats. Customers are provided with low-salt, low-fat snacks with which to treat the cats. The cafe places great emphasis on the space's cleanliness and its cats' hygiene, for the safety of both the felines and the humans. With profits generated by the cafe, the owner happily donates to local Non Profit Organizations that help stray cats.

The cafe's cats love people; many of them are comfortable sitting on customers' laps. And if any visitors happen to be holding cat snacks, it won't be long before they're surrounded by the cats.

How to visit:

The Cats Tea Room is open every day from 1:30pm - 11pm. If you wish to visit on a Saturday or Sunday, it's wise to make an appointment. The cafe is often full on weekends. The cafe's address is:

Floor 1, 45 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T, Hong Kong

How you can help:

Visit The Cats Tea Room on Facebook and check the cafe out on Instagram @catstearoom. Like and share the cafe's posts if you're feeling generous.

The owner is happy with how things are going for the moment. His only goals are to keep improving the cafe and ensure that its customers and cats remain happy.

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