The Cat in the Window Cafe: A Risk that Paid Off

The Cat in the Window Cafe launched in February 2016. The owner is 28 and married with a new baby boy. She holds a bachelors degree in arts and considers herself to be very creative. After working in the oil industry for many years, oil prices plummeted and she decided it was time to leave Aberdeen - a city centered around the oil and gas industry - and do something she was really passionate about. After losing a close family member, she realized that life is too short to not love what you do every day. For her, that just happened to be cats and bringing happiness to others by making the company of cats readily available.

It was a huge personal risk for the owner to launch The Cat in the Window Cafe, but she was so confident that it would succeed that she bid farewell to her secure, well-paying oil job to pursue her dreams. Many thought she was crazy! However, she finds herself infinitely more content now - in her slippers, drinking coffee, eating cake, and spending time with cats in the company of her lovely customers.

About the cafe:

The Cat in the Window Cafe is currently home to a family of 8 cats who have all grown up together and now live harmoniously in the cafe. The memorable and quirky experience of visiting the cafe is best described as a combination of good coffee, local home bakes, and a range of quality loose teas - all served up in a homey, tranquil environment with time spent in the company of cats.

The Cat in the Window strives to be a home away from home for its customers, complete with a family of fury love balls to welcome them on every visit, ready for cuddles and play.

How to visit:

Customers that visit The Cat in the Window Cafe can expect something truly unique. The main feedback the cafe receives is about just how relaxing the experience is - there have even been a number of customers that have fallen asleep in the cafe! 

A typical visit would start with being greeted by a swarm of cats. The black moggy Boo might sniff around your bag and maybe the Asian smoke Drago will jump on your shoulders (as he likes to do). The swarm is followed by a runway show put on by the gorgeous chunky man Mickey, strutting his stuff and rolling over for belly rubs.

Once you pick a comfy seat and get served some amazing cake and yummy hot chocolates topped with cream and marshmallows, you might get a visit from the sneaky rag doll Zeus, who has an affinity for cream. Zeus spends most of his time curling up on peoples laps hoping they will give him the goods in return. When you grab one of the cat toys and go for a wander, that white fluffy mass you thought was a rug might spring to life and reveal itself as Napoleon the Persian.

Romeo chases anything that moves and literally runs up walls. Princess Pancake likes to give death stares until you tickle her chin and Theodore might lick your hand and purr loudly in your face. One customer described Theodore in the most amazing review as "a sweet cinnamon bun who's too pure for this world." The Cat in the Window Cafe is a cat lovers paradise. You will leave feeling relaxed, entertained, and satisfied - guaranteed.

How to visit:

Space in the cafe is limited, so it's recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment. This can be done on the cafe's website. Drop-ins are welcomed and can usually be accommodated. The Cat in the Window Cafe is open every day from 9.45am to 7.30pm, except Tuesdays, when the cafe is closed. The cafe also closes daily for a 'cat nap' between the hours of 2.30pm and 4pm.

How you can help:

Customers can help the cause by shopping locally and supporting independent businesses in general. And keep up the love for cats!

The cafe's family is already quite warm; people genuinely care for the cafe's cats. However, The Cat in the Window Cafe's goal is to become even more rooted in the community in 5 years time.

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