How Tia Quit Her Job and Founded The Regal Cat Cafe

Tia Wieler and her supportive husband, Kevin Wieler, were unfulfilled by their 9 to 5 jobs and looking for a way to make a positive and meaningful impact on the world. 

One night, Tia and Kevin watched an episode of The Amazing Race in which the contestants visited a cat cafe in Thailand. Tia was floored by the concept of a cafe that provided a home for cats and allowed its patrons to interact with them. Tia realized that working at such a cafe might just be her dream job. She stayed up all night researching cat cafes and found that although they were becoming quite popular worldwide, there weren't any yet in Calgary. 

Tia looked over at her own four cats, named Kitty, Mo, Milo, and Max. In a moment of real inspiration, she decided to found The Regal Cat Cafe.

About the cafe:

Tia's main goal with The Regal Cat Cafe was to create a "fun and funky" environment appropriate for its space in the trendy Kensington neighbourhood.  The cafe features cool, clean lines and a gorgeous space that is comfortable for both its cats and its guests. The "Kitty Kingdom" offers bright, beautiful windows for all kitty sunbathing needs, and there's a floor-to-ceiling glass window between the cafe and the Kitty Kingdom, allowing guests with allergies to enjoy the cats from the comfort of the cafe.

How to visit:

Guests coming for a visit can check-in at the cafe for their 45 minute visit. Spots can be booked online ahead of time, but guests are also free to drop in and grab one of the cafe's walk-in spots. The cafe offers an assortment of locally made vegan treats, teas, and coffees that guests can bring in with the kitties - as long as they promise not to share!

The Regal Cat Cafe also features a variety of fun kitty-inspired merchandise with a local focus. Guests will be called for their kitty visit, during which they can spend their time relaxing and playing with the cats, taking selfies, or even enjoying some cat-themed board games.

How you can help:

The cafe's goal is to continue their high success rate of adoptions and become a must-see attraction for locals in the Calgary area and tourists alike.

Follow The Regal Cat Cafe on social media and help spread the word. On the cafe's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts, you'll find daily kitty photos.

If you're ever in town, Tia implores you: stop by for a visit and a kitty cuddle!

The Regal Cat Cafe is open 9am-9pm daily. Reservations can be made online at Or come on by and grab a walk-in spot.

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