Kitty Save and The Charming Cat Cafe: Partners with a Common Goal

Kitty Save is a non-profit and does not run a cat cafe. Kitty Save partners with The Charming Cat Cafe (commonly known as TC3) to foster and showcase adoptable cats. The owner of TC3 is the Kitty Save founder, but the two entities are separate.

TC3 is Bring-Your-Own-Cafe. Because it opened in an enclosed mall instead of a regular brick-and-mortar building, the owners of the cafe chose to partner with the food vendors already in the mall rather than try to compete with them. Besides, the cafe recognizes its strengths and weaknesses and humbly admits that it may have not done so well at the "cafe" part. Instead, visitors are offered coupons for participating food vendors.

The Charming Cat Cafe is a happy place for humans and felines to make friends with each other and interact freely. Plans for the future may include franchising.

If anyone wishes to help, donations to support Kitty Save, the organization that prepares the cats for adoption, are extremely appreciated.

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