Café Katzentempel: Germany's First Cat Cafe

The owners of Café Katzentempel, Thomas Leidner and Kathrin Karl, are both career-changers. Thomas was a broker and Kathrin earned her PhD in biochemistry. Unhappy with their former professions, Thomas and Kathrin decided to pursue their passions by opening a vegan/vegetarian cat cafe. Their hope is to open more Café Katzentempels in other German cities.

About the cafe:

Café Katzentempel was the first cat café in Germany. At the cafe, you can not only bask in the presence of six amazing cats, but also enjoy a leisurely breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Homemade cakes and fair trade coffees are also available.
The Katzentempel cats love to play, climb, and cuddle with guests. There's never a boring day at the cafe - for either the cats or the guests. When the cats are feeling overwhelmed, there's a private room to which they can withdraw and relax. 

The cafe believes in conveying the importance animal welfare. Thus, the only food served is plant-based, with the exception of organic cow milk as an alternative to various plant-based milks. Furthermore, all of the cafe's cats were rescued from an animal shelter east of Munich. Guests of the cafe have access to literature about animal welfare issues in the cafe, as well.

How to visit:

When they enter Cafe Katzentempel, it doesn't take long for guests to see the cats and smile. The atmosphere - with cats roaming around and sometime even hopping onto the laps of guests - is really relaxing and helps people calm down. The cafe is good for the body with delicious, homemade food and the soul with the therapeutic energy of cats in abundance. 

The cafe is proud of its outstanding team, appreciative guests, and great location. The future is promising for Cafe Katzentempel; there are concrete plans to open at least five more cafe's under the brand's name in cities like Hamburg and Nuremberg.

On weekends and holidays, it's highly recommended to make a reservation. During the week, reservations are usually not necessary, but Fridays can get busy.

Visit Cafe Katzentempel's website for more information.

How you can help:

Come to Cafe Katzentempel and enjoy the food, drinks, and cats! Of course, spreading the word about Katzentempel is helpful, too. 

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