CATS Cafe (JB) - Cats At Their Sanctuary

The CATS Cafe (JB) - Cats at Their Sanctuary is a combined effort. Adrian Taun (32 year old photographer and lover of cats and cafes), Erika Tan (29 year old connoisseur of cats, cafes, and desserts) and their mother Aliena Sau (57 year old food and cat lover) make up the human component of the cat cafe's family. Of course, the cats are an important part of the family, as well!

About the cafe:

The family initially planned to start a cafe like everyone else before deciding they wanted something special and different. Adrian is a frequent traveler and has been to most cats cafes in Asia. There was no cat cafe in Johor Bahru at all, and since Adrian, Erika, and Aliena are all cat lovers, their shared passions sparked their idea to start the first cat cafe in their little town.

CATS Cafe (JB) features a very cozy interior design that makes people feel at home when they enter. The cafe serves a full restaurant-standard menu that most cat cafes do not.

How to visit:

CATS Cafe (JB)'s Facebook Page

The cafe's customers are invited to enjoy scrumptious meals alongside the space's friendly cats. Visitors can also choose to sit in a non-cat room to eat if they prefer.

The cafe hopes to become an icon or a brand that has its own unique products and also become a household name for every cat lover. Ideally, they will help educate more people and help them understand feline behavior.

How you can help:

Readers can help by spreading awareness of the existence of CATS Cafe (JB) in its little corner of Johor Bahru!

Of course, all people interested can call for bookings. Walk-ins are welcome, too.

Hours of operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12.30pm - 9pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1pm - 9.30pm​

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