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Best Sellers

View Cove Litter Box

Cove Litter Box

It's our best selling litter box for a reason.

View Really Great Cat Litter

Really Great Cat Litter

An ultra low tracking, clumping, dust-free litter that disintegrates completely in water

View Cloud Nine Hammock

Cloud Nine Hammock

An instant classic - sold out within a week of launching.

View Zip Scratching Post

Zip Scratching Post

Scratching + Stretching = Self-care for cats.

View Kip Cat Bed

Kip Cat Bed

Spoiler: Soft faux shearling looks great in any space.

View Grove Cat Tree

Grove Cat Tree

Provides a panoramic view in a mid-century modern design.

View Puff Cat Bed

Puff Cat Bed

The cloud emoji in cat bed form. Soft, sculpted foam for the sweetest of dreams.

View Stellar Cat Bed

Stellar Cat Bed

For naps that are simply out of this world.

View Floof Blanket

Floof Blanket

Instantly upgrade any surface to a luxe snoozing spot.

View Frond Cat Tree

Frond Cat Tree

Features 3 customizable tiers for perching & playing.

The cat litter that doesn't track

Our super low tracking pellets and flushable formula is 99% dust-free, ultra absorbent, clumping, and eliminates odor on the spot. Thousands of cat parents are calling it "life-changing".

For life with cats

View "A very happy cat mom."

"A very happy cat mom."

"Really well-made and comfortable for my sweet girl to take long naps on it." - Maria T.

View "Best litter I've tried."

"Best litter I've tried."

"This stuff is magic. Smells wonderful, low dust, clumps well, scoops easily, no tracking!" - Eaine

View "Cat jungle gym."

"Cat jungle gym."

"My cats love the Sprout. It looks like a mid-century piece of furniture" - Page H.

View "Worth every penny."

"Worth every penny."

"Finally, a cat bed that looks good on my couch and is kitty approved." - Jessica W.

View "Best looking litter box."

"Best looking litter box."

"My cat also seems to like it much more than her previous enclosed litter box." - Lisa B.

View "Most used item."

"Most used item."

"It’s a bed, a sanctuary, a sneak attack site and a climbing gym!" - Sandra M.

View "Hooray for Haven."

"Hooray for Haven."

"It is SO much nicer than the old litterbox that was in our office space." - Dianne P.

View "Looks so good."

"Looks so good."

"The wood is beautiful, the quality is great and my cats absolutely love it!" - Mary G.

View "Every cat deserves a Puff."

"Every cat deserves a Puff."

"Soft, cozy, beautifully constructed and looks pretty in my living room." - Miranda S.

View "Love this cat tower."

"Love this cat tower."

"The modern design fits perfectly into my home and looks fantastic." - Sarah L.

View "All in the details."

"All in the details."

"This is a super tall, super sturdy, exceptionally well crafted scratching post." Hadas S.

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