San Jose's Go-To Cat Cafe: The Dancing Cat

The Dancing Cat was co-founded by Ann Chasson and Mary Rubin in 2015. Ann has a background in software development and small business startups and Mary has over twenty years of experience managing public art projects.

Ann and Mary were seeking a creative way to connect people with adoptable cats and were inspired by the success of Oakland's Cat Town Café. Additionally, they sought to cultivate a community of cat lovers in San Jose. With The Dancing Cat, they've done just that.

About the cafe:

The room was intentionally designed to provide space for people and cats to connect as well as to hold intimate events for cat lovers to meet. The space itself is sunny and light-filled, and the interior design provides a layered, sweet, and colorful backdrop for great photos, which are essential for promoting adoptable cats.

How to visit:

Guests enter the space through a vestibule and step into the main room. The moment they walk through the door, they are encouraged to pause. More often than not, guests relax and smile with delight. The ceiling filled with colorful paper lanterns, the artwork (by local artists), and charming furnishings immediately allow guests to feel at home. Cats lounge on comfortable cat trees and sofas or perch on the shelves, animating the walls. A quiet area in the back of the room serves as a retreat for cats that need a break from the activity of the main room.

How you can help:

The Dancing Cat would like to be known as San Jose's go-to place for people to hang out with adorable, adoptable cats.

Help the cafe spread the word! The Dancing Cat is a non-profit and all donations go directly to supporting its missions of rescuing cats from the San Jose Animal shelter and creating a community of cat lovers in San Jose. The more robust the community, the greater potential to find wonderful homes for adult cats.

People can reserve an hour with the cats on The Dancing Cat's website; drop-ins are accommodated on a space-available basis. The cafe is open from noon to 6pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

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