Kyoto's Neko Café TiME

Neko Café TiME is a cat cafe owned by a married couple in Kyoto, Japan. The husband and wife love all animals, but the wife has loved cats especially since taking care of poor, abandoned cats from an early age. The husband is kind, attentive, and hard-working. The couple's cat cafe boasts a caring staff of animal experts who always take great care of the cats and the store itself. Each staff member is excellent with the cats and, of course, loves them.

About the cafe:

The couple's goal for Neko Café TiME was two-fold; they wanted to create a home for cats without homes and let people without cats to have a place to interact with them.

The couple is proud to have achieved their goals. The cafe has just the right atmosphere for both cats and people to relax and chill. Most sofas are low-sitting, so you can be at the cats’ level.

When you first enter the cafe, you are handed a time card, a hot or cold drink, and the free Wi-Fi password. But most people go straight for the cats; whether they're sleeping or up and jumping around, cats are the main thing people come for. A typical visitor stays 20 minutes, but 1 and 2 hour appointments are accommodated, as well. If you just want to chill out, read books, or surf the web - that’s okay too!

The cafe is a place that anyone visiting Kyoto should know about! The cats are ambassadors of Japan, all happily living together and greeting visitors from around the world.

How to visit:

Neko Café TiME is open year-round. Opening hours are from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. However, it's wise to come before 6:00 pm because the cafe will close early if it's empty by then. Reservations are not taken. The shop isn’t particularly busy in the mornings, though, so coming early is a safe bet.

If you are told to wait for your turn, you can browse the cat goods, read books, and use the free Wi-Fi in the waiting room in the meantime. The shop is right next to Kyoto Fushimi Inari Shrine, so come and rest your tired feet on the way back from the temple - or make a pit-stop at the cat cafe before the climb.

How you can help:

Neko Café TiME uploads pictures of cute cats to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram daily. Just following the cafe on social media would be a huge help. You can also view the cats on the cafe's YouTube live stream.

The cafe supports Kyoto Doubutsu Aigo no Kai, the local animal welfare protection organisation. When visitors buy goods at the cafe's store, the proceeds go to their cause. By donating to them, you make stray cats and all animal lovers equally happy.


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