Kavárna Kočičí: Prague's First Cat Cafe

Kavárna Kočičí is a family-run cat cafe located in the heart of Prague. The matriarch of the family was a life-long accountant and cat lover with a daughter that developed a penchant for coffee. Mother and daughter combined their passions and opened the very first cat cafe in Prague. 

It all started with a TV show about Japanese cat cafes. Unhappy in their jobs at the time, the mother and daughter watched the show together and had the same idea at the same time. They decided to quit their jobs and open a cat cafe of their own.

About the cafe:

Kavárna Kočičí is proud to be the first cat cafe to work with animal shelters. Each cat that calls the cafe its home has its own unique story. Some of them were unwanted Christmas presents, some were survivors of torture, and some wandered the streets of Prague. The cat cafe gave these unfortunate cats a new opportunity to prove that stray cats can actually become loving pets and friends.

The once destitute cats of Kavárna Kočičí are now celebrities; everyone knows their names and their stories. The cafe has worked closely with the animal shelter from which the cats were rescued by hosting a variety of charity events, concerts, and exhibitions since 2014.

The cafe is strictly vegetarian. In fact, most of the baristas are either vegetarian or vegan. One of Kavárna Kočičí's goals is to show people that vegetarian and vegan food can be quite tasty and provide a clear conscience at the same time. The owners of the cafe wonder, "How can you eat meat while having another amazing creature beside you? How can you love this cat and hurt another animal?"

How to visit:

You can come any day, any time - between 11:00 and 20:00. If you want to be sure that you'll find a free table, make a reservation on the cafe's website.

When you walk in to Kavárna Kočičí, you will be kindly seated to your table. You will be welcomed not just by a friendly barista - but also by the cats. They are everywhere. Sleeping on chairs and tables, wandering around cafe, playing with customers…

You can order a coffee, cake, vegan soup and many other things from the cafe's menu. While you relax, read the cat stories which are featured on every table. Of course, enjoy the company of the cats. You can pet them, hold them (if they want to be held), play with them, or just be in their presence.

If you are not sure how to hold a cat, just ask a barista. They know everything about every cat and will happily help you. There's only one rule: Don't come to the cafe with small children! Cats don't like them very much and the cafe aims to be a quiet, relaxing, and healing place for adults.

How you can help:

Donate! While the owners of the cafe naturally encourage donations to their amazing native pet shelter (www.tlapkymochov.cz), they also encourage donations to any other pet shelter. Help them so they can help stray and injured dogs, cats, and other animals.

Take care of your pet and never let them go. Make sure your cats and dogs are spayed and neutered. Of course, never harm any animal.

The owners of Kavárna Kočičí hope to expand by opening more cafes around the Czech Republic. Additionally, they set their sights on offering vegetarian and vegan catering sometime in the future.

Website: www.kavarnakocici.cz

Phone: 223 008 284
And check Kavárna Kočičí's Facebook and Instagram @kavarna_kocici.

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