10 Surprisingly Cute Signs That Your Cat Is Head Over Paws In Love With You

Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you? We’ve gathered 10 adorable signs that your cat is low-key obsessed with you. 

Cats are smarter than you think – they're capable of feelings! 

The fact that cats love humans is well-known. But how do you know if your cat REALLY loves you? There are many ways to tell if your furry companion has loved you as their one and only, but some signs are a little more evident than others. 

Cats are known for their calm demeanor and somewhat aloof personalities. But sometimes cats can be so cute that even a total stranger would fall in love with them. It's like they have the magical ability to be cool, but at the same time, be extremely cute.

You might be surprised how much cat behavior can say about the relationship between you and your feline friend.

Signs Your Cat Loves You

Here are ten subtle and sweet signs that your cat is head over paws in love with you. 

1. Your cat grooms you like a mummy cat.

When your cat grooms you, it displays love and acceptance towards you like a "mummy" cat.

Your cat might not be able to talk, but if she starts grooming you like a mummy cat, there's a pretty good chance that she loves you. According to the ASPCA, Cats groom their mummies to pass their scent onto them and make them smell like family members instead of intruders.

2. Your cat sleeps on you.


When your cat falls asleep on you, it means she's crazy about you. Cats sleep on their people because they believe they are their people.

If your cat sleeps on the bed or top of your head, then it's probably saying, "Hey, I want to be by you." Cats sleep a lot, but they usually go off to their own space during the night. If they don't, then this means that they want to be near you.

3. Love Bites

In a cat's language, biting equates to love. If your cat starts showing you affection in the form of tiny love bites, you are golden. 

Cat love bites are a clear sign of affection, and they're biological, too. As well as showing their love for you, love bites help cats bond with each other.

Your cat will also be more affectionate and show more interest in you if you give it plenty of attention and playtime. 

4. Purring and Cuddling

Purring is usually associated with contentment and happiness in cats. If your cat purrs often, that means the cat is thrilled around you and feels safe in your presence. It's like she's telling you how much she cares about you and how secure your feline friend feels when she's with you. 

Willingness to be handled and petted is another way your cat can show affection. It's a bit like saying "I trust you" — only cats don't say things like that in English! But if your cat likes to cuddle up with you on the couch or come out to meet you when called, then your kitty may have started to develop a genuine affection for you.

5. Headbutting/rubbing against human leg or hand

Cats use this to mark their territory or say hello or goodbye, depending on the situation. When they do this to people they love, they want attention from their owners and feel safe in their presence. 

6. Showing of her belly

When a cat wants to show you its belly, it's making a very vulnerable gesture. Cats are generally reserved animals who don't show emotion. To see one roll over and expose their tummy is something special, but to have a cat do it for you after they've been cranky is genuinely a sign of love.

7. She kneads you with her paws

The most obvious signs of a feline's love for its owner are when it rubs up against you and kneads your legs or stomach with its paws. A cat kneading its human is the ultimate sign of contentment, as it shows that the cat has accepted you as its leader. 

Kittens knead while they nurse from their mother's milk to stimulate milk flow. When your adult cat kneads you with her paws, it's a sign that she's feeling content and relaxed. That makes sense since being petted is one of the best ways to relax!

8. She's always nearby

Cats are territorial creatures, so they're naturally drawn to their favorite places. This means they'll follow you around the house wherever you go — especially if that place is near a window where she can see outside. She doesn't want to miss out on anything fun! 

Nothing says "I love you" like a cat that constantly wants to stay right by your side.

9. She brings gifts.

Perhaps your cat has taken it upon herself to be the official guardian of your household — and she takes that literally! If you're away from home for long periods at a time, your cat may decide that she needs to make sure everything is okay when you're away. That might mean dropping off dead mice or other small presents on the doorstep to let you know all is well back home.

10. Tail Twitching

Cats have a way of showing emotion through their tails, and a twitchy tail is one of the cutest expressions of affection that a cat can display. A twitching tail shows a cat's happiness and excitement around her owner. A cat will not only twitch her tail when she sees you, but she'll also twitch it when she hears your voice or smells your scent. The more twitches and the faster the twitches, the more excited your cat is about seeing or being near you!

It's pretty hard to deny that once a cat has picked someone to love, absolutely nothing will keep them from showering their person with affection.

This list could go on and on, but we focused on the most important signs of affection. By now, you are convinced that your cat is in love with you. So, pat yourself on the back for giving a loving home to a feline friend, and have fun sharing your love! 

The bottom line is that cats are incredibly affectionate creatures, and we love them for it. Be sure to give your kitty all the pats and snuggles they deserve!

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