How to teach playful kitty not to play with my hands?

  • I just adopted an 8 month old kitten from a rescue. Along the way, he learned that hands are great toys. I keep trying to redirect him to a toy, but it happens too quickly at times to respond. I am still building a bond with him. I do not want to break it. How do I teach him that it is not OK. 

  • Hi Karen! 

    The important part of fixing innapropriate cat play is consistency! 

    If your cat bites, firmly say "no" and immediately stop the play for a few moments. Then, grab a toy and try to get them to play with the toy. If he then ignores the toy again, repeat the same process. Keep repeating to consistenly show your cat that a bite will co-relate to playtime ending. This can take some time, but repetition is key! 

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