Feeding 2 cats equally when one is more food aggressive than the other

  • I have 2 rescue cats, both healthy. The first one ( "Plume") comes from a hoarding situation and is still a little shy. She eats well (although she is picky) but eats slowly. The other rescue ( "Clementine") comes from the streets and is very food-oriented. She eats voraciously anything I give her and once done checks my other cat's plate. She waits if Plume is still eating, then finishes whatever's left.

     As can be expected, Clementine is slightly overweight. Plume has a normal weight but I fear sometimes she does not get enough food and whatever I give her extra may also go to Clementine at the end if I am not watching carefully.

    I feed them in separate rooms. They get along but Clementine is the dominant one and if I close a door to either one of the 2 cats for meal time, or give an extra portion to Plume, she will get jealous and become a little aggressive towards Plume.

    I did not find a food that Plume eats and Clementine does not like...

     Any tip?

    Thank you



  • Hi Catherine and thank you for this new question.

    It sounds like you're doing a great job of trying to accommodate both cats, especially given their difficukt starts in life.


    If you do give any extra portions or treats, I'd do this out of sight if the other cat.


    I agree with feeding them separately, to avoid conflict and food stealing.

    Once meal time is over, I would take up the food.


    It may be that Clementine had to deal with hunger and food scarcity, so is hardwired to seek out food and over eat. I'd consider a satiety diet with her, to help her feel fuller and to lose excess weight, as obesity can lead to a range of medical issues when older.


    To reduce tensions in general, I'd consider investing in a Feliway Friends plug in and would consider starting some natural calming supplements such as Zylkene.

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