New adult cat still sleeping under furniture

  • Hi, I'm Paige and my new female seven year old spayed cat is still sleeping under my furniture (hiding?) after three weeks with me

     she displays spraying behavior but doesn't actually spray  just a little worried about this 

    thanks for any advice you may have 

  • Hey Paige and thanks for this new question.


    This sort of thing would not be unexpected, especially in a more timid cat.

    She likely feels overwhelmed and stressed by recent changes.

    If you have any other pets or children, this will make her even more inclined to hide away.


    The best we can do, is to be patient as we gain her trust.

    We should keep the home calm, quiet and predictable.

    We never want to force contact or to stroke her/cuddle ger unless she initiates the contact.


    Build her confidence with fun games like 'find the treat', laser chasing and wind up mice toys. However, if she does not engage with the game, try again the next day.


    Ensure she has a cosy bed somewhere private and quiet, and she may prefer a bed with a roof.


    It is not a bad idea to have a Feliway pheromone plug in within her home.

    I'd also start her on some calming supplements.


    We'd hope as she gets used to her new home, she starts coming out of her shell and sleeping more in the open.

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