The Ultimate Cat Bundle

This is essential bundle for cat lovers. Our top 3 best selling items for cat people: Cove Litter Box, Kip Cat Cushion, and Zip scratching post. Save $100 by buying them together.

(normally $547 - limited time offer)

What’s included in the Ultimate Cat Bundle?

Cove Litter Box - $199

This simple, beautiful, redesigned version of the classic litter box features an integrated scoop, dustpan, and handbrush. Extra high walls means less mess. Thousands of happy customers (and cats).

Zip Scratching Post - $249

At 3 feet tall, this modern post gives lots of room for scratching & stretching. Rest easy knowing the tightly-woven sisal covering is safe and durable for heavy daily use. A wide base provides exceptional stability for even the most active and energetic cats.

Kip Cat Cushion - $99

A cat cushion for the design aficionado, with attention paid to every detail. A slightly concave surface and faux shearling cover provides your cat with nest-like comfort, while a sculpted foam core and anti-slip bottom.

Buy them together — and save $100

Get your cat our 3 best-selling items, together.

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Hundreds of 5 star reviews, but these are our favorites.

My cat loves the Zip

My cat is very picky when it comes to scratching posts/objects. He started liking the a carpet-covered one, but it couldn’t just be any shape or size, it had to be one specific post. The cardboard scratchers that my last cat loved were not to this one’s satisfaction. My new furniture seemed perfect for him; not so much for me. He goes to this post every time. Gets a good stretch, as well as a scratch. I smothered it with catnip first, and left treats at the top, and he loves it.

Maria S.

I can't believe how excited I am about this litter box. A+++

This thing is just so, so, so good. I could not wait to write a review, and have been basically proselytizing since it arrived. My kitty is very picky about litter boxes, and refuses to use covered ones. She took to this box immediately, and I am just STUNNED by how much better it is than the many other litter boxes I have owned in the past. The material seems to be magic


Catisfaction Guaranteed

Bought the wide version as our boys (11 and 13 lbs) love to cuddle together. They took to it instantly and it's now their favorite spot to sleep, hang out, or just pose for stylish fancy-pants modelling kitty photos