A truly life-changing cat litter

Ultra low tracking, clumping, flushable, and dust-free. Hundreds of 5-star reviews, free shipping, and money-back guarantee if you and your cat don't love it.

  • 1. Lightweight Pellets Practically Eliminate Tracking
  • 2. Flushable (disintegrates in water)
  • 3. Thousands of happy cat parents
  • 4. 1 bag + 1 cat = 1 month supply

free shipping + 30 day money back guarantee

The Difference Is Real

See for yourself how tuft + paw keeps litter from tracking in your home.

The reason for buying this litter was to reduce tracking and dust. It’s been an absolute game changer. Minimal dust and tracking!

— Parker C.

Verified Buyer

Litter That Is Incomparable

Our litter and box are built from the ground up to be the best on the market. We stand by our claims and deliver a litter and box that will completely change your cat’s home environment.

Get Really Great Litter That Stays In The Box

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What Our Customers Are Saying

It Is Indeed A Really Great Litter!

There is practically no tracking of this litter, which is huge for our cats. They both seem to be pretty happy with it. It doesn't have a scent, so we have to stay on top of the scooping to prevent odors from lingering. But it seems to last longer than our previous litter, which is another plus! Happy to discover this stuff!

— Lauren D.

Verified Buyer

The One Subscription You’ll Love Because It Makes Litter Simple

Our subscription model is created to make life easy and keep your home well stocked with the best cat litter. Easilt adjust or cancel your subscription anytime.

What Our Customers Are Saying