Partner Shelter Program

We offer two programs that we hope will make a difference in the cat community.

1. Referral Program

Select partners can refer customers via their website, email or social. We will offer a discount and portion of the proceeds to support the partner's mission. The total discount we're able to offer is 15%. Each partner can choose what portion of that discount they would like to pass on to their readers vs how much they would like to keep for proceeds (e.g. if a partner keeps 10% proceeds, they can offer 5% to their readers).

Generate a badge to include on your website:

What discount would you like to give to your customers?

You will receive 15% of the proceeds

Copy below html and paste into your website:

2. Donate a Bed Program

Any of our customers can purchase any item for 50% discount if they are donating it to a shelter of their choice. This helps shelters get affordable, beautiful cat furniture. Discount will be applied after we receive confirmation from the shelter that it's been received.