7 Amazing Gift Ideas for Cat People (and they're on sale this month)

Tuft + Paw is a team of engineers, designers, and cat behaviorists that make modern products for cat people. Here are the top 7 favorite gift ideas that are great for a variety of homes, cats and people (and they're on sale this month while supplies last 🐱🐱 use code SPRING25 for 25% off)

1. Cove Litter Box

Not only is the Cove Litter Box big, but it is also a beautiful modern design - it looks even more beautiful and high quality in person than it does in photos. Arguably the best feature is the add-on shelter wall extender which is ideal for keeping the mess inside the litter box. Our best selling product by far, with over 10,000 sold to happy cats and cat parents.

One of the biggest barriers is obviously the $200 price point, but take a read through one of the hundred five star reviews on the product page, most claim that it is well worth the price.

2. Grove Cat Tower

The Grove Cat Tower is probably the sleekest cat tree money can buy. Tall, sturdy, and 2 sleeping and perching areas for your cats. Beautiful, yes. Expensive, yes, but it's on sale this month (save $200).

3. Puff Cat Bed

The Puff Cat Bed is one of our absolute favorite cat beds. It's firm structure maintains it's shape over time, and cats can't resist the contoured inner bowl (it's covered in a soft faux sheep fur).

4. Frond Cat Tree

The Frond Cat Tree is an instant classic. With its vertical design, 3 perches, and 4ft height, cats will love to stretch and scratch this post (and will save your furniture). Extremely durable and sturdy without being an eyesore.

5. Haven Litter Enclosure

For those who want to hide their litter box in plain sight. The Haven offers humans an attractive and intuitive design, while cats will appreciate its ample interior space, screened window, and fresh airflow.

6. Stellar Cat Bed

We can't get over this spherical cat bed. Perfect for cats who gravitate towards enclosed spaces. Definitely a centerpiece for any room.

7. Ultra low tracking pellet cat litter

Really Great Cat Litter is an ultra low tracking, clumping, dust-free litter that disintegrates completely in water so that you can flush safely down the toilet. Game changer for any cat person due to the larger pellets which don't track like other litters.

What do you think of our list? Use code SPRING25 for 25% off while supplies last (shop here)