Top 5 Gifts for Cat Parents

At tuft + paw, we spend a ton of time researching cats in order to design innovative cat products. 😼 Here are our top 5 gifts for cat people in 2022.

1. Flushable Cat Litter

Would it be an exaggeration to call this "life changing"? Okay maybe, but not by much. Really Great Cat Litter barely tracks (because of it's large, lightweight pellets) and it disintegrates completely in water so it flushes safely down the toilet. No wonder it's quickly becoming rated as one of the best cat litters on the market.

2. Cloud Nine Cat Hammock

Cloud Nine is an elevated window hammock that provides your cat with maximum comfort, designed to feel like their ultimate retreat. From long naps in the sun to observing both their indoor and outdoor surroundings, cats love lounging on this supportive window hammock.

3. Cove Litter Box

Not only is the Cove Litter Box big, but it is also a beautiful modern design - it looks even more beautiful and high quality in person than it does in photos. Arguably the best feature is the add-on shelter wall extender which is ideal for keeping the mess inside the litter box.

4. Kip Cat Cushion

It’s no secret that cats love to relax and snooze in comfy spaces. The Kip cat bed is the perfect spot for your cat to spy and relax. If you don’t see them around, check the Kip, they’re probably busy purring.

5. Zip Scratching Post

The Zip scratching post is an instant classic. With its vertical design and 3ft height, cats will love to stretch and scratch this post (and will save your furniture).

Bonus: Cat Jungle Gym

Not only is the Milo Cat Tower tower tall, but it is also a modern take on a more traditional cat tree. This cat tower features sisal rope, removable carpet platforms as well as a climbing pole and a bowl hammock. It’s the ultimate playground for cats.