Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Will Love Tuft + Paw's Really Great Cat Litter

Really Great Cat Litter is a low tracking, clumping, dust-free litter that disintegrates completely in water so that you can flush it safely down the toilet. It's quickly become a best selling cat litter with thousands of cat parents calling it "life changing".

1. Exceptionally low tracking

Because the pellets are larger than most litter kernels, it doesn't stick to your cat's paws as much. As such, it's extremely low-tracking, meaning you won’t find pieces of it spread throughout your entire home.

2. Minimal dust

Compared to clay litter, Really Great Cat Litter has got basically zero dust. Less fumes for you and your cat to inhale.

3. It's Flushable. Seriously.

Really Great Cat Litter can safely be flushed down the toilet for easy disposal. It literally disintegrates in water so you don't need to keep a nasty garbage bag to keep the waste.

4. Health & Safety

Really Great Cat Litter doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or synthetic materials. It's made from natural ingredients which are safe to ingest (although still not recommended over long periods of time) which is in stark contrast to other litters, where an emergency vet visit is usually required if your cat starts to eat it.

5. Convenient with free shipping

Tuft + Paw offers monthly and quarterly subscriptions which ship on time with free shipping. They also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you don't love it.


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