The Internet Can't Stop Talking About This New Hidden Litter Box

The Haven Litter Box by direct to consumer cat brand tuft + paw is a modern litter box that is just as functional as it is beautiful. Finally you can integrate a litter box into your home decor without compromising on style.
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1. Beautiful Modern Design

The Haven offers humans an attractive and intuitive design, while cats will appreciate its ample interior space, screened window, and fresh airflow. The drop-down front panel provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

2. Cats Love It

The large interior gives cats ample room to do their business. The perforated metal panel provides great light and airflow which is typically one of the downsides of an enclosed litter box.

3. Prevents tracking + easy to clean

The Haven has a slatted exit ramp which reduces litter tracking from your cats paws. It also includes a complimentary litter box and our scoop, brush and dustpan.

4. High Quality + Lasts Forever

The Haven is made from top quality, premium plywood with ash veneer and white semi-gloss metal.

5. Hundreds of happy cats (and cat parents)

The Haven Litter Box is becoming one of tuft + paw's best selling litter boxes. Right now, it includes free shipping, 30 day guarantee, and 25% off using code HAVEN25


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