The World's Most Beautiful Cat Tree

The Grove Cat Tower by direct to consumer cat brand tuft + paw is a modern cat tree that is just as functional as it is beautiful. Open views allow your cat to feel secure while reclining in the lower interior, while the top level provides a spot for socializing with nearby humans. Here are 5 reasons why it's quickly becoming the internet's favorite cat tree.
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1. Beautiful Modern Design

When it comes to cat perches, it doesn’t get any better than this. No more compromising your space with cheesy, tacky cat furniture. Grove is the perfect addition to any home with modern decor.

2. Cats Love It

Grove has multiple areas for cats to perch, spy, and relax. The lower level gives a more secluded feel, while the top area allows them to survey their surroundings. Both areas include a soft, faux-fur shearling cushion for maximum comfort.

3. Tall & Sturdy

One of the most important features of a cat tower is that it's sturdy, otherwise cats will avoid it. Grove's cylindrical construction and weight distribution means that it's one of the most sturdy cat towers you will find on the market.

4. Tall & Short Sizes

Grove can be purchased in either a tall or short size - or both to create a mini modern playground for your cats.

5. Hundreds of happy cats (and cat parents)

Grove is becoming one of tuft + paw's best selling cat trees. Right now, it includes free shipping, 30 day guarantee, and 25% off using code GROVELOVE


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