Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Will Love Tuft + Paw's Modern Cove Litter Box

Finding the best litter box usually means combing through reviews, determining what features are the most important to both you and your kitty and deciding on the best design for your space. It's pricey but here are 5 reasons we think you'll love tuft + paw's award winning cove litter box.

1. High walls prevent mess

Cove has 12" high walls which drastically reduces mess from cat's who like to dig or pee standing up. It's a game changer. The Cove stays put and the walls keep the litter inside.

2. Super easy to clean

Cove has minimal, hard-to-get-to nooks and crannies so it's easy to clean in a single wipe. The smooth plastic interior is anti-stick so litter doesn't stick to the bottom.

3. Beautiful design

This part speaks for itself. The photos don't do it justice - Cove is made from a sturdy, matte plastic that looks so SO much nicer than other litter boxes.

4. Thousands of happy customers + 5-star reviews

Cove consistently gets glowing 5-star reviews despite it's higher price tag. You get what you pay for.

5. Free shipping and 90-day money back guarantee

One of the hard parts of finding cat products is knowing which products your cat is going to like. We've made it easy by offering free shipping and money-back guarantee if you (and your cat) don't LOVE this litter box.

Don't just take our word for it

"It fits perfectly into our contemporary home . I also love the higher sides which keeps everything where it belongs!" - Linda E.