Here Are 5 Amazing Reasons Why You Will Love Tuft + Paw's Modern Cat Furniture

Forget everything you know about cat furniture. 😼 Whether it’s for scratching, playing, climbing, or napping - tuft + paw has got you and your cat’s needs covered.

1. Beautiful, modern aesthetic

There's a reason why we've been called "the West Elm of cat furniture" - Our stuff looks good in your home. Our design team is a cat-loving crew who used to create human furniture too.

2. Durable, high quality materials

One of the most annoying things about cat furniture is how quickly it gets destroyed. We use the best materials and have strict standards for durability - our products are built to last.

3. Made by cat people

We LOVE cats. We're constantly looking for ways to solve problems and bring more joy to living with cats. We know what's important to cat people because we ARE cat people.

4. Made for cats

Every product begins and ends with consulting our cat behaviorists before we finalize any design details . We're informed by science to ensure your cat's needs come first. We are cat experts.

5. We make it easy to find the best products for your cat.

One of the hard parts of finding cat products is knowing which products your cat is going to like. We've made it easy by taking our team's cat expertise and distilling it into a Quiz that you can take to get personalized cat product recommendations.

Don't just take our word for it

"tuft + paw makes cat furniture that is refreshingly un-ugly and also understands that cats like to go into holes." - Vice Magazine