Here Are 3 Amazing Litter Boxes You Can Buy from Tuft + Paw

We're intimately familiar with features that are most important to cats, like whether you should buy a big or small litter box, covered or uncovered, automatic or manual. 😼 Here are our top 3 picks for 2022.

1. Cove

Not only is the Cove Litter Box big, but it is also a beautiful modern design - it looks even more beautiful and high quality in person than it does in photos. Arguably the best feature is the add-on shelter wall extender which is ideal for keeping the mess inside the litter box.

2. Haven

For those who want to hide their litter box in plain sight. The Haven offers humans an attractive and intuitive design, while cats will appreciate its ample interior space, screened window, and fresh airflow.

3. Nook

Designed to be as discreet as possible, the Nook is a modern, industrial-inspired litter box that’s surprisingly multifunctional. The choice is yours whether you’d like to use Nook’s bottom tray directly as a litter box, or add one your cat already loves.

BONUS: Flushable Cat Litter

Really Great Cat Litter is an ultra low tracking, clumping, dust-free litter that disintegrates completely in water so that you can flush safely down the toilet. Absolute game changer for any cat person.