Can't let my cats outside because of feral cat

  • I have 4 females and they are all fixed. In the summer time, I usually let them out and play. Recently, there is one male cat and he seems to be abandoned so I have started to feed him outside. Now, my other cats cannot go outside because of him. I don't know what to do then. Am thinking of taking him in and have him neutered and keep him. When he is not around the yard, then I let my cats out to play... it when he is around, he chases them and pick a fight. So I need help or suggestion please 🙏 

  • Hi there Nina and thanks for this question.


    It is no surprise your cats are intimidated by him, as he is a Tom who may be territorial and eager to mate, even though they are neutered.

    Toms are much more likely to try and mate with cats, but also to fight with them.

    If he is regularly in that same area, he has likely claimed it as his own.


    If your local rescue or charity group can check him over and neuter him, that would be great. They should then re-home him in a suitable home, assuming he is tame and healthy.

    They would likely also worm and vaccinate him.

    If he is being re-homed with other cats, we need to ensure he has no infectious diseases such as FIV or FeLV. This is done with a blood test.


    As you have 4 cats who are already not keen on him, your home may not be the best place for him.

    It can be tricky to introduce a male who has been recently neutered (and will still have some testosterone and Tom behaviours) to a household with just one cat, let alone four.

    However, if you really want to take him on, it may be possible with a lot of hard work and keeping them all separate at first.

  • Hello Linda,

    Thank  you for your help and your great suggestions. I may have find someone that will be able to give him a proper home. I will have to keep my female cats home til then. My girls don't like him at all.

    thank you so much Linda🙏😊

  • Oh bless them! Hopefully he finds his furever home soon :)

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