How can I help my overweight cat with joint pain and arthritis?

  • My middle age small frame cat is slightly overweight and looks like she having problems walking or jumping. I've made stairs wherever needed with soft landings. How else's can I help her. And any recommendations on pain killers as atnflamitoeies??

  • Hi there!

    This is Linda, a vet with 10 years of clinical experience.


    I am sorry to hear about this issue. Certainly, joint disease is common as cats get older, particularly when over weight, as there is more pressure on their joints.


    Things that can help include:

    • Getting her to the perfect weight, which may mean a weight loss diet. This can have a huge impact on mobility and quality of life
    • Starting a joint supplement such as Cosequin
    • Keeping the home easy to navigate e.g. ramps and steps as well as non stick flooring
    • Keeping her nails trimmed short
    • Consulting your vet about medicine, which usually means some non steroidal anti inflammatories that are given long term


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