Help prevent my cat from destroying my wool rug

  • My kitten (ten- months old) has outgrown most of her problematic behaviors.  The only real problem I have with her is that she claws up my fine wool rug.  What can I do?

  • Hi there Patricia, I am sorry to hear about this issue.


    For cats, scratching like this is a natural behaviour.

    However, we need to re-direct them to things they can scratch.


    I'd ensure she has both a scratch mat and post.

    To encourage their use, get some cotton wool and rub it well onto her cheeks and whiskers, to transfer her scent. We should then rub the cotton wool onto the scratch mat and post, which encourages their use.


    It can also help to spray a pheromone spray on the carpet and, if possible, to block access short term.

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