How can I train my cat to be quieter and more peaceful?

  • My cat Lily 6 years old. I got her fron the shelter she was adopted as a kitten but tajen back to the shelter at the age of one year old. That should have given me a clue but I felt sorry for her. She promptly broke two glass birds kilked two of my betta fishes(I have no idea how but I found them dead on the floor. Likes to chew wires. Chewed up two of my charging cable dor my phone. She is a talker meows all the time especially at night. Used to sleep with ne, not so much lately when she did she bit my hand so hard that she drew blood.She decided after 5 years with me that she wants to go out but I prefer not to because I have an outdoor cat who lives in the backyard and I don't want Lily to bother her because Lily is very big and intimidating. Now she is constantly at the door wanting to go to the backyard. I got her used to having a leash, so I can controll her. Otherwise she runs after all animals like  lizards birds etc since I also have a birdfeeder. My question is how could I train her to a quieter more peaceful cat. I love her but she can be very annoying sometimes Thank you

  • Hi there and thanks for this question about Lily. 

    I'm sorry you've been having these issues with her, I can imagine it has been incredibly stressful and worrying.


    For many cats, once they have spent time outside, they have a strong preference to be outdoors. Indeed, this is what they are naturally hard-wired to do. To be able to roam their territory, get fresh air, run and hunt, is very important both for their physical and mental health.

    Where possible and safe, I would always encourage letting this type of cat out. She will stil come home (!) and youre relationship would likely improve when she is more content with her life in general.


    It sounds like she has lots of energy and we need to allow her to burn this off in healthy ways. As well as letting her outside (which I think would make the most difference here, but appreciate you may not wish to do), I'd be keen to provide things like:


    • Lots of outdoor walks
    • Use of a 'catio' or window perch
    • Playing with toys like wind up mice, lasers and cat nip toys
    • Food puzzles
    • Etc.


    She may also respond well to some calming products such as a Feliway pheromone plug in and some daily calming supplements, if some of her behaviour is anxiety linked.

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