Is soft, bad smelling poo a bad sign?

  • When my cat poops it really smells bad and it's soft could this be a sign something is wrong 

  • Hi there!


    So, some cat stool does smell quite strong, particularly if they're fed a lower quality food (which many cats prefer!).

    However, it should not be soft and this would make me concerned there is more amiss.


    Soft and smelly stool can be indicative of a number of things including parasites, an infection, a food intolerance, IBD etc.


    It's sensbile to ensure your kitty is up to date with a broad acting wormer.

    I'd have them on a premium sensitivity diet and would start some probiotics.


    A vet check is wise and they may consider a stool analysis or some other tests, to get some clearer answers.

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