My cat does not allow me to cuddle her

  • My kitten of 4 months only purrs when I feed her. I raised her from 3 weeks.. mother and sibs was killed by something. Likes to attack playfully, but hurts you. Do not allow me to cuddle her. Not afraid of other people and dogs.

  • Hi there, I am sorry to hear of these issues with your little kitten.


    Purring is not a great indicator of happiness and contentment. Cats can purr when anxious or self soothing, so I wouldn't look too much into this. Some of the happiest cats I know don't ever purr.


    At her age, attacking playfully is normal behavior and it is how cats practice their hunting skills. They don't understand they hurt us as our skin is thinner than theirs and not covered in fur! We need to re-direct them to other 'permitted' fun and games every time she tries to play with us in this manner. This should include a range of toys like lasers, wind up mice, feathers etc.


    Some cats are more cuddly than others and this can be both a genetic trait and can be linked to their start in life. This can improve with time, as we build their confidence and gain their trust more and more. We should always allow them to come to us for being petted. If she does not like being picked up, we should not do it, as most cats find it stressful.

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