Recommendations to reduce poop smell with litter

  • I'm using Really Great Cat Litter by tuft + paw. I don’t smell urine at all from my cats but the poop smell is always strong & I am hoping there is a way to lessen that. I scoop the box 2xs daily. Any recommendations?

  • Hey Jackson! I hope you're well!


    It could be that changing the diet will be the trick here.

    For some cats, feeding a low residue diet helps tremendously here. This means high quality digestible protein as the first ingredient, and limited fiber.

    I'd also consider supplementing some probiotics, in case there is a gut imbalance.

    Make sure to scrub the litter box a couple of times a month with a good cleaning product, to remove any dried residue.

    It can also matter where the tray is. If in a small area that is closed in, this makes the smell strong, especially if the room is warm. Having it in a ventilated, cool area can help.

    Finally, you can try sprinkling baking powder at the bottom, below the litter.


    I hope this helps!

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